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Why did Islam spread so quickly essay cowboypaper

Author: Brendagoldberg Brendagoldberg
by Brendagoldberg Brendagoldberg
Posted: Feb 18, 2019
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Islam is a religion that focuses on monotheism, or worship of one God. It includes practices of peace, love, sacrifice and all around good heartedness. It is currently the second largest religion in the world and revolves around the Holy Scripture known as the Quran that contains all the knowledge regarding this faith. It is a faith that not only targets worship, but also targets various worldly aspects such as law, business, military, as well as cultures, which include art and architecture. In order to understand how Islam spread so quickly, we must look at an example article, which is mentioned below.

Why did Islam spread so quickly essay example

This essay example will mention what caused Islam to spread so quickly. It is published on Essay Basics and it is a DBQ article, which means that it is a document-based question article therefore it was answered by a student which used his/her knowledge to write this article while using various sources to confirm their theories.

Spread of Islam DBQ essay

This DBQ essay was published in July 2017 by a student. The topic of this paper was ‘Why did Islam expand so rapidly?’ It talks about how this faith started off as so little and barely attracted an audience, and eventually expanded to 1.8 billion Muslims worldwide. It mentions three vital reasons that contributed to its growth, military conquest, trade and commerce, and lastly, missionary work. All of these three factors will be discussed in detail below.

3 reasons why Islam spread so quickly

The three reasons mentioned in the article include military conquest, during the time of the rise of this faith, there were many persecutions therefore, the Muslims had to defend themselves, and eventually take military action. Secondly, after the death of the Holy Prophet, in order to expand this religion to a wider audience, military conquests were carried out by the Holy Prophets successors.

The second measure that was mentioned in this example composition is that trade and commerce led to rapid expansion as Mecca was a city of intense wealth and prosperity, and trade merchants would come to this city in order to trade their goods, and simultaneously adopted the religion.

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Lastly, missionary work also lead to a great rise in the number of Muslims as during the golden era of this faith, many people adopted the duty to carry out missionary work and thus leading to a rise in Muslims.

Reasons why Islam spread so quickly

Apart from these reasons, another factor that should be noted is that this faith is said to be complete and universal in nature and that there is no need for any more adjustments as there were in the previous religions. It tackled so many different topics such as women empowerment, business ethics, inheritance laws to the point that it was considered way beyond its time even in that era. It was therefore able to attract a wider audience and eventually reached to the point that it now is at the same level as that of Christianity.

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