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9 Tips To Create Just "WOW" Social Media Graphics

Author: Deepak Rajput
by Deepak Rajput
Posted: Feb 03, 2019
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Do you get stuck while creating social media graphics and want to how to make them look amazing? Do you want to keep your followers interested in your social media accounts? If all your answers are yes, then take a look at the top social media graphic design tips gathered from professional PPC services in Delhi to find out what it takes to a create WOW social media graphics that your target audience is sure to click.The way to get eye catching social media graphics is hire Social media service and Link Building Company in India.

1. Colors

They help to create an atmosphere, convey messages and emotions. Do you know that more than 90% of sudden judgments made about merchandises can be based on color only? So, use colors in your social media pictures that guide your target people through a story. Different colors affect our brain and are often used in marketing and storytelling.

  1. Red: Energy And Urgency2. Orange: Aggressive3. Blue: Trust & Security4. Black: Powerful & Sleek5. Pink: Romantic & Feminine6. Yellow: Optimistic & Youthful7. Purple: Soothing & Calm8. Green: Wealth & Relaxation
  2. Quality Stock Photos

Using high-quality photos is key to convince people to like and share your posts. Your photos are a reflection of your business, products, and services, so the better the pictures, the better your company’s reputation will be. So get professional photos.

3. Typography

In designing visuals for social media, choosing the right font and structure is very important. The number of people who use social media on their smartphone is going to reach about 187 million per month by the year 2020. Therefore, ensure your message is readable on their phone screen. Make clear and comprehensible. The size of the whole text block is very important for a great social media post.

4. Less Texts

Users love to text, but do not make the image look crowdy by using more text. If you are creating a graphic for social channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other social media sites, just limit yourself to 1 or 2 liners. Keep in mind that too many texts can get irresistible to the viewers. Deliver the real message through color, texts, and shape. Besides, if you can afford then you can buy quality backlinks to get better an ROI.

5. Be Creative

There are a variety of graphics available that you can share on social media sites. For example- Charming Photographs, Infographics, Charts, and Screenshots with arrows to explain a point.

6. Make It Simple

Create social media graphicsto invite engagement rather thanovercome your target customers. Also, ensure that the composition of the graphics is clean and clear. Negative space allows your components to breathe. To fill empty spaces, you can use letter positioning to align text, or shorten words.

7. Create Highly Effective Visuals

Social media graphics can establish an online identity for you and reach your target customers in a visually rich way. Keep in mind that visuals are compelling than text. Try to use attention-grabbing visuals as they will turn your posts into small pieces of amazing content. Try to include facts and stats because they will be transformed into attractive images.

8. Call To Action

Must offer something for free such as discounts, bonus, etc. This will encourage your customers to complete a call to action. Apart from this, use active language or words such as "like", "subscribe", "follow", "register", "donate", "comment", etc. Ensure that the call to action is very easy to find and the area around your call to action must be clean so the focus is on your message.

9. Create Consistent Templates

Such templates will you be able to create social media graphics in quick time as well as your feed will maintain the same look and feel throughout your profiles. You can create templates like quote posts, announcements about your brand and spotlight posts. They are both visually appealing and very shareable. Templates are good because filler content in-between your prime posts and help boost your message.

Social media graphics are very important if you use SMM (SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING) as they attract attention, so also help you improve your results in terms of comments, shares, likes, and clicks.

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I am Deepak Kumar from Delhi and presently working & staying in Delhi. I have 3 years of working experience in the field of Digital Marketing & currently working as a Sr. SEO Specialist. Apart from SEO, My strengths are positive thinking.

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