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What is blind app and how does it work?

Author: Sehaz Kaur
by Sehaz Kaur
Posted: Feb 02, 2019
blind app

What is blind app and how does it work?

Apps have become just as important as cell phone keeps importance. Users searches app for everything from little to big such as today things have become so easy one just have to install app and then the person could do their work easily, today if anyone has to pay money they use app if today anyone has to shop they use app. Same as Blind app has also tending in the lives of users if you will peep into their phone you will recognise that they have Blind app. Blind app has become so much important for all the employees this app works as a bridge between employee and company because the various employees talk in the group and blind app is the one which give them opportunity doing so.

Why blind app is using?

Talking about total numbers of users it has more than 2,000 tech companies employing their app in the United States. The data tells that there are more than 40,000 Microsoft employees and more than 20,000 thousands Amazon employees and 10,000 Google employees on the Blind app. So just imagine the data and its popularity and there is an utter truth that people like this that is why they are on the blind app, they are enjoying the discussion on the blind app that is why it has popularity. Feel free if you are an employee because data will not be revealed means your identity will be safe and secure because it is platform for blind, anonymous social network for tech workers who want to share their view or experience. So there is no fear of who has written all the review or who has reviewed so this is the sole purpose of the app that employees could share their view freely even if it is about their company or other companies.

Soon this blind app is going to be air in the Korean land where they will also be free from the company's side. Right now the main focus has shifted to U.S trade so the company are focusing on the users of the tech industry in the United states, China, India and Korea all are decided next target so the employees could tell through their words. Although this can be a nice way for the employees as well as the company if both keep their point socially without revealing their identity so blind app provides complete guarantee of security and identity.

There have been questions that in the world of identity why people are appreciating the anonymity according to some people it can be dangerous too as there is safety on facebook and twitter so what is it people are admiring blind app? This might be the reason that there are some employees who cannot put their concern in front of their company so to them this can be a great source to do that without letting boss know it! Plus the best part about blind app is that it keeps people’s identity very secure that is why it has so many people who are on it, employees like company of Amazon, Microsoft etc. The blind app is a complete package for the purpose of taking care of employee’s thoughts and words.

Wrapping up

As data says that there are about forty thousand tech employees using blind app and they are fine with it because they say this blind platform gives them opportunity to speak out their heart and keep some solid point of views which can be useful for others employees too and the company could also pay attention towards each of their employees.

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