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Why use Shaving Cream?

Author: William Berg
by William Berg
Posted: Feb 03, 2019
shaving cream

Shaving is a part of most men’s daily routine. For some, it’s a requirement from their job and for others, it’s a personal choice of style and confidence. Most men begin shaving as teens and continue for the rest of their lives. Though we do it daily, shaving is no easy feat. Men who shave deal with cuts, irritation and or razor burns. To combat these problems, men began using shaving cream. As early as 300 B.C. barbers and regular people started using one type or another of shaving cream.

So, what is shaving cream? Does it really help? And, is it as useful as some would have you believe? These questions are regularly asked by teens and adults alike.

What is Shaving Cream?

Shaving cream has been around since Egyptians created a mixture of animal fat and wood alkali, to combat the irritation of shaving back when razors didn’t exist. While shaving with soap is an option it leaves the skin dry and itchy. Shaving cream was made to combat all the nasty side effects of shaving and at the same time to nourishment that the skin needs.

A thick and consistent cream raises the hairs of the face to make shaving easier while providing a layer of lubrication between your razor and your skin.

Benefits of Shaving Cream

Shaving cream has several benefits for people when they shave. While each brand makes up their own list of ingredients, the main goals of all shaving cream are to swell the surface of the skin, lubricate the hair follicles for easy cutting and to desensitize and nourish the skin. Some of the biggest features of this cream dating back centuries are:

  • Reduce cuts: Upon application, the cream nourishes your skin and soften the hairs. Softer hair requires less pressure and less pressure equals fewer cuts.

  • Raises the hair: When you apply the cream, it will raise the hairs on the skin allowing you to get closer to your skin and get a cleaner shave.

  • Reduces razor burns: When shaving dry skin, you almost certainly shave off the top layer. This will not cause bleeding but is sure to cause irritation. Shaving cream acts as a barrier and protects the top layer of skin

  • Style and Confidence: a clean shave or a sharp look is a man’s greatest weapon. A well-kept skin and a maintained style of facial hair can turn heads in any environment.

  • Fragrances: Modern shaving creams all come with some sort of fragrance that will leave your face or body smelling great. These scents usually last few hours and bring a fresh and clean feel to where you shaved.

Use Correctly

All shaving cream is simple to use, but an important thing to remember is to go against the grain or the lay of the hair. This will allow for the cream to raise the hairs properly and allow for the cleanest and softest of shaves. You do not have to shave against the grain if using a straight razor. They produce a good result regardless.

Apply the cream generously but not enough to create too thick of a layer, this will get in the way of the shave and keep the razor from connecting with the skin.

2300 years of history shouldn’t be ignored. Protecting your body, skin, and looks is a must and something that can change your mood, confidence, self-esteem and future. Shaving cream is just one of many products available to you for your shaving needs, but it is crucial. Choose the brand or product that best fits your preferences and skin, and you will make shaving a fun and easy part of your life rather than a stressful one.

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