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Digital Marketing Process

Author: AK Digihub
by AK Digihub
Posted: Feb 07, 2019
digital marketing

You have seen many articles about Digital Marketing Process/Steps/flow chart. And You have come across many different Digital Marketing processes. Digital Marketing Steps to be followed in order to have a great online presence.

Understanding the Marketing Process

You may have come across about the marketing process during your Graduation.

And you may have Studied marketing as a core subject. If you didn’t, let me Start with the basic concept of Marketing.

Marketing Process:1. Developing Mission Statement:

That is Organizational Mission Statement to be matched up with Marketing

2. Situational Analysis

Identify the Problems and work on the getting solutions.

In order to achieve the business Goals, let me just brief you about the above chart.

Identify the problem and Research

The marketer can identify the problem and research by asking people’s opinion about what they actually need.

Here surveys come into the picture where you take suggestions from the people and delivered the solutions(product/Services).

3. Marketing Strategy and Marketing MixDeveloping the Alternatives plan

After going through the surveys and analyzing the needs of the customers and then one can develop the alternatives plans. Once you Developed the alternatives plans,

The next step is to carefully analyze every alternative and select the best possible alternative plan among them.

Marketing Mix which includes product Development, Pricing, Promotion, Place and DistributionAnalyze and selects the Best alternative Plan.

4.Implementation and Control
  1. Implement the plan: Once you select the best plan you can start implementing the plan.
  2. Review/Measure: Once you have implemented the plan and now you can start measuring the success/failure.

To know more it on Advanced level you can always refer Marketing Management book by Philip Kotler.

Likewise, in Digital Marketing Strategy you can add similar methodology, gain some momentum and turn your visitors to the customer.

Understanding Digital Marketing Process

Digital Marketing Process/Digital Marketing Strategies can be followed to have a great Business Success online.

Digital Marketing Process:1. Entice/Attract

In order to have a successful online presence, every business should start with attracting users online.

In the Current scenario, if you have a business, offering product/service which has a huge presence online.

Then there is a stiff competition you need to be offering something extra.

i.e. under promise and over deliver.

If you need to have an Online presence should have a website where you can showcase your products or Services.

For the first you need to book the domain name, from any domain provider in the market, there are many of them, you can go with GoDaddy, Namecheap, Bigrock, Hostinger, Hover or you can select any other domain providers.

Booking a domain and Select hosting Provider:

Domain works as an address of your website which can help an online user to locate your details online.

Once you book a domain, you can go with Web hosting.

Web hosting acts between your website files and user over the internet connection.

You can select any of hosting service providers like Hostgator, Bluehost, Hostinger as per the best plan you opt

We can discuss the booking a domain and choosing the Web hosting in details in coming days.

Once you have done with choosing the best hosting provider now the real task of Digital Marketing Starts.

Writing the Optimize Content:

They say content is the king of Digital Marketing and I personally believe yes, it is the backbone of marketing.

Content plays a vital role in the online business because its a source where your website gets visitors, which helps turns visitors into customer.

So, in order to Drive the traffic to your website you need to have SEO Optimize content.

You are working on your On-Page, giving important keywords related to your business analyzing the Competition for those keywords

Choosing the keywords and Including them in the Content is very much Important to have SEO friendly to content which ultimately helps you get the traffic on your website.

Choosing the right Channels to reach the Audience:

As I have already discussed the basics of these channels, in the Introduction to Digital Marketing, Let me just starts with various channels which will help in reaching the right audience.

a. Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

SEM helps in increasing the Website Visibility in the SearchEngine Page Results (SERPs). It includes Paid ads Particularly Include we use PPC or CPC, the most used form of PPC is Google Adwords and there are many channels where you can use paid ad campaign to promote your product/service online like Bing Ads, and Sponsored Contents that is available on your Facebook feeds, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Quora.

b. Search Engine Optimization (SMO):

A Process which improvise in increasing website traffic with Search Engine Results to rank higher on the Search engine. Again, there are many steps to be taken care when it comes to optimization.

According to Wikipedia SEO refers affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaidresults—often referred to as "natural", "organic", or"earned" results.

It is all about how Google will show your results in the google search engine, If the user enters a specific keyword and you have the same keyword with the right content which user is looking for, then automatically will rank your article and it will be visible to the user online.

In order to that one need to be work on both on-page and off-page with Optimize content on the website which gives an indication to search engines to show the results.

SEO is all about Search Engine and the User, SEO is all about keywords, Content, Design, and Links.

suppose you are looking for something like smartphone between 10k to 15k then search engine will show many brands phone available online with whether it is available on any E-commerce company or any other brands website.

Here the display results will show all the available brands with that price range like" Best Smartphone between 10000 to 15000" This is the targeted keyword which many of the above-mentioned companies used.

I will be discussing SEO in details in coming days because SEO itself is an Important part of Digital Marketing which should be explained point by point.

c. Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Social Media Plays an Important role in the getting the Website Traffic, The data shows more than 3 billion people use social media of total 7.5 billion world populations, on that 9 out 10 people access social on their mobile devices.

Now it is easier to reach the people even faster to create awareness or market the products.

Facebook stands among the top list to have the Most number of monthly active users, and it is one of the best social networking sites to reach as more number of audience.

According to me, Facebook is helpful for business in creating brand awareness rather selling a product/Services, because most users are to connect with loved ones and share some moments, but when it comes to using Facebook ads it does plays a major role but as not as effective as Google AdWords.

This is some of most social networking sites which accounts for the Most number of monthly users.

2. Capture and Engage

Once you have Done with the awareness and getting visitors to the website and it is time to capture the market because in your industry there are so many competitors out there and it is really important to know your competitor before entering in the market.

Here comes into the picture about brand positioning and Engaging with the audience.

Brand Positioning: It is referring to the strategy to compete with other brands in the same industry in the minds of Consumers.

The best example currently is Xiomi (MI) They used pricing as their strategy to capture the market in India, who offers latest features with the best possible pricing which the high ends mobile brands offer with relatively little more price.

Many Company is using a various method to be engaged with customers by running the contest by offering some added benefits to customers which in turn help in interaction for the same.

Using advanced technology which gives hassle-free services and user interface.

3. Conversions

After getting ahead with the capturing and engaging the market getting enough visitors on the website it is now visitor which turns into leads and leads to conversions.

Conversion Process:

Suppose I can tell the example about our parent company Kap Computer Solution private limited A Bulk SMS Company based in Bangalore who offer SMS Services when customers visits on the website by searching relevant keywords which we have been included in both on Page and Off- Pages which helps Google to show the results if he actually looking for services he will go through the website.

if he finds what he/she is looking for then directly, can inquire about the service by filling sign up form or just chat to our executive about the query, and then submit the details, the next process is to talk with sales executive test the demo service so it became a lead to the company.

Once he/she satisfied with demo Service he will go for the service. Which in turn become a registered customer for the company.

4. Customer Delight

After the conversion process, it is Important to consider after sales service, which an important for any business to survive in the market for a long time because a Satisfying customer is the modern-day business goal.

Many business offer loyalty programs, coupons and discounts on the next purchase in order retaining the customer with the brand.

As discussed earlier Under promise over delivered like you are offering to the customer more than the expectation.

If you believe to give more than the customer expectation. It will automatically help in the more business like the customer can act as brand ambassador for the business.

Which will help to increase the word of mouth marketing for getting new customers?

This is the digital Marketing process which I have been following let me know your feedback about this article in the comment section. And if you like this post, do share it.


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