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Eco-friendly toys in India for kids - Shumee

Author: Adhrit Dutt
by Adhrit Dutt
Posted: Feb 08, 2019
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Hi, my name is Adhrit. I stay in India and I am blessed with a daughter and a son. In India, parents are extremely busy and have little time for their kids. Most of the time with kids is either spent watching movies on the phone or making them study that too is done by tuition.

In India, it is seen kids get addicted to phone and are using it to play games all the time.

I remember one of my cousin’s kid, he is able to use the phone entirely like watching videos or doing anything that a man does on the phone, it’s a good thing and I have seen his dad is very proud of him, but one thing that I was very concerned about was the glasses that he is wearing at the age of 4 and also how poor he is getting in academics.

On asking the cousin about the glasses and the academic performance his usual reply, he uses a phone all the time after coming back from the tuition.

Doing a little homework and playing with the toys that are made up of Plastic, and we all are very well aware of the place these toys are brought and how they made. Plastic can create a scar in the hand and putting them in mouth is just worse.

I started doing my research and bought some of the eco-friendly toys for my cousin’s son and also for my son. I found them very cheap and friendly for my son. On learning, how these toys were made, I became very curious to buy them.

Here are some of the benefits of buying eco-friendly toys:

  1. Safe for Babies and Kids
  2. Handmade Toys
  3. Wooden Toys
  4. Non Toxic Colors
  5. No Batteries
  6. No Electronic devices
  7. Environment-Friendly
  8. Durable & long-lasting

And much more!!

The toys were not only eco-friendly but also educational for kids and far better than using the phones. I bought a number of toys for my 2-year old daughter and 4-year old son.

These are the Top educational toys for 2-year olds

Here are the toys that I brought for my 2-year old daughter from Shumee. All the toys are made of wood and the color that is used on the toys is organic.

She loves to play with it and there is much another activity box online, you can check it out on shumee.

I bought a learning box for my daughter and you can check the Nox in below-given image

The Shumee Activity box contained:

  1. Shape & Number House
  2. Shapes Flashcards
  3. Match & Stack Sheets
  4. Organic Hand Sanitizer

And I bought a toy storage box along with it and the shape was a free size which can fit anywhere.

Shumee has divided the toys on the basis of age i.e. for babies, toddlers, and Pre-schoolers.

My son is in pre-school. While looking for the best toys for pre-schoolers, I got the box for pre-schoolers

You can the box of wisdom in the images.

The box contained:

  1. Job Set Card Game
  2. Balancing Yogis
  3. Color & Pose Activity Sheet
  4. At work activity sheet

Regardless to say, a toy storage box for the toys. You can check the box of wisdom here.

Now, another thing that I did to help the kids to play with the toys than with the phone, I used less phone in front of them and indulged my time in reading books, reading newspapers and helping them play with toys.

As they say, Monkeys see and Monkeys do. But Humans aren’t far behind, whatever you do in front of kids then they will end up copying you and hence if you are looking to make the right decision for kids, then learn to make your choices correct in front of them & for them.

If you are looking for some special toys or very specific toys for your kids, you can buy individual toys from Shumee. To check their collection, you can visit it Shumee.

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