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How to Write a Book Report

Author: Henna Williams
by Henna Williams
Posted: Feb 09, 2019

How to Write a Book Report

University students receive numerous assignments from their professors, writing a book report is one of them. You can ask a professional writer to write my essay for me or do it by yourself. Before you embark on this assignment, it is necessary that you should acquaint yourself with the book report.

What is a Book Report?

A book report is a form of an essay which discusses the contents of the book. Students from elementary and high school write these reports as a part of their English literature assignments. Comprehension level of the author decides the format of the report. Thus, book report may fall in below mentioned three categories:

  • Theme analysis

  • Character analysis

  • Plot Summary

You can choose the type of report, but you have to include relevant information to explain why you found this book absorbing. Writing a book report not only provides you with an opportunity to express your opinion or viewpoint about a book but also allows you to practice your compression language. Once you choose to write the type of book report, it is crucial to add important components to deliver your message effectively. You should make the following elements a part of your book report.

  • Category

  • Book Title

  • Author name

  • Publisher Name

  • Year in which the book was published

  • Description of the characters

  • Examples and quotations from the book to support your stance

Theme analysis

It is the exploring of big ideas that made the book. It is one of the easiest ways to construct your arguments in a book report because once you know the theme, the report writing will become a piece of cake. Book reading always comes up with your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions, try to utilize them in the book report as a tool to empower the theme. When you bring your ideas or opinion in the report, make sure that you have a well-developed understanding of gravity and how your theme is influencing the story. In the case of fiction work, you have to be attentive towards characters, their actions and how they follow specific patterns. However, try to look for primary argument or theme of the author in a non-fiction work.


  • In a non-fiction work, you may write, "People have to be courageous to come out of their comfort zone and find success by taking new risks and challenges."

  • In a fiction work, "The book is about a young boy who is in the pursuit of his dreams and work hard. He encourages the reader to follow their dreams to reach the destination."

Character analysis

Character analysis involves choosing a character and explore his physical and social traits that have influenced other people and plot of the book. Introduce their origin and how they have occupied a specific position in the book. It will be appropriate if you devote a maximum portion of the report to describe their physical features and what action they took.


  • You can mention the main character of the book as "A young shepherd who used to enjoy fictional stories and enjoy visiting green pastures." Later on, you can connect with the plot summary and explain how he left his goats and decided to become a traveler.

Plot analysis

While writing a plot summary, it is recommended not to retell the story. You should mention significant events from the book and how they impacted the characters. This analysis should appear to be like a book outline itself.


  • For example Native American were forced to leave their lands of the Mississippi River, you can describe that where they go, how was their journey and what type of difficulties they endured during this journey.

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