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About Content Marketing And Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Author: Sarah Iyer
by Sarah Iyer
Posted: Feb 09, 2019

In the recent years, AI has started showing enormous potential in content marketing, one of the largest segments of the global digital marketing industry. The growing relationship between AI and content marketing has given rise to several interesting points of view, with people arguing for and against it.

How AI Can Help Or Support Marketers?

The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in content marketing is varied. It can help digital marketers make sense of the ever-increasing amount of data on the web, speed up the content creation process, and take benefit of personalized advertising, among other things.

Identifying Hidden Data Insights

The growing penetration of the Internet and the surging popularity of social media have contributed to a tremendous increase in the amount of data created every day.

But, a large piece of this data remains uncategorized and untagged. It needs to be examined to extract useful and relevant information. That’s where AI comes in play. Several companies have already started using machine learning for this purpose.

You can scan internal and external data sources comprising your website, social media etc. You can use key phrases to analyze and visualize the textual information to identify unique trends, patterns and irregularities in the seemingly unstructured data.

Fastening Up Predictive Analytics

A growing number of small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are using predictive analytics. In 2018, it was reported that not just tech giants, but traditional software editors are also fluctuating their focus from classic descriptive and diagnostic analytics to predictive and prescriptive analytics.

AI not only helps you collect valuable insights from hidden data, but also uses those insights to optimize your content marketing efforts. The process is called predictive analytics. Since, it involves data mining, statistics, and modeling to make predictions about future outcomes.

If you already know what your consumers think about your brand, you can then serve them the content that appeals to their needs and interests. Therefore, predictive analytics allows marketers to fast-track the sales process and AI is helping accelerate predictive analysis.

It can quickly analyze a vast amount of data to find significant patterns and create a content marketing model based on these insights. This means that it can come up with actionable outcomes quickly compared to a team of marketers and analysts.

Making Things Personal

Personalization can certainly go a long way in the digital marketing world. Possibly, because it can be a bit difficult to provide your prospects with unique and authentically personalized experiences. AI is an effective tool to help you create solutions which will allow your brand to have one-on-one engagement with each consumer.

From customized emails to tailored e-commerce landing pages, AI can help you personalize numerous aspects of your marketing efforts. Also, it can help you decode critical customer variables such as real-time location, context, behavior and values.

Thus, you will be able to differentiate every customer down to the last variable. Rather than relying on developing the ideal customer personas, you can create unique personas with the help of extreme personalization.

You can also update the variables such as interactions, context etc. Thus, you can stay focused on the data that directly impacts your critical customer variables and avoid data paralysis.

Content Automation

Being a marketer, you have many responsibilities and writing a blog post often takes the time you don’t have. AI can help you create content, though the scope of content automation goes well beyond just content creation. Utilizing AI, you can also curate and distribute content, saving money and time.

Does This Indicate The End Of Current Content Marketing?

AI will not substitute your existing marketing strategies or the human element involved in it completely. But, you will need to change some of your current content marketing strategies to get the most benefit from AI-driven marketing. You will need to carefully study about your business goals and market niche to understand the role that AI-based technologies can play in it.

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