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Microwave mikrovalnova

Author: Brando Mani
by Brando Mani
Posted: Feb 09, 2019

Microwave selection - basic criteria

Nowadays, the choice of anything is quite difficult, as many products and models are available on the market. And when it comes to a microwave device that you will use on a daily basis, you should be extremely careful and aware of what you are looking for. The following criteria will be useful for you to make the right choice.

  1. Place in the kitchen - it is very important to have previously determined the place where the microwave will be placed. This will allow you to select the model with the required width and length. Obligate to provide a little more space on both sides. Also, if the place is relatively narrow, it would be a good option to buy a microwave whose door opens upwards.
  2. The specificity and appearance of the kitchen - of course, the microwave should generally fit well into the interior of your kitchen. So keep in mind the appearance of the cushy and furnishings in it. This way you will be able to choose the right color and design of the microwave that fits perfectly all around.
  3. Role in the household - it is very important how often and for what purpose do you use the microwave. For example, if you just warm or thaw the food in it, you can safely take a standard microwave that will get you cheaper. But if you are looking for a meal to cook, the microwave with grill is the right choice for you. There are also microwave models capable of completely covering the functions of a typical cooker. In them you will be able to prepare quickly and easily absolutely any food, but in smaller quantities.
  4. Manufacturer and Brand - When buying microwave and home appliance for long-term use, always refer to manufacturers and brands that are established, with market traditions and proven quality and efficiency. These brands will guarantee you high quality and no unexpected microwave problems.

Advantages of microwave

Microwave cooking brings a number of benefits to your kitchen and home in general. Starting from the electricity consumed and reaching the qualities of the food being prepared. Let's summarize the main advantages of the microwave: Microwave - fast reheat- saves time - preparing microwave dishes takes far less time than traditional cookers. In addition, the microwave has a timer that allows us to set the right cooking time. When time has elapsed, the appliance switches off automatically. Different times are required for different types of foods and meals.

  • easy heating of the food - the microwave is much more convenient for warming dishes, defrosting food or making crispy popcorn in comparison with other types of cookware. Another advantage of the microwave is that it itself does not heat up in the process of preparing the food.
  • without the need for continuous surveillance - constant checks and concerns about whether the preparation of the food in the cooker goes according to plan can be quite annoying and tense, right? Especially if at the same time you make a salad or you are busy with some other work at home. Well, thanks to the microwave, all these headaches will be dropped. When preparing food with this appliance, there is no need for continuous monitoring and control. Just put the food in the microwave, set the timer, turn on and when the time goes by, take out the ready meals. It's simple and easy, is not it?
  • Seamless cleaning - Microwaves are considerably easier to clean than traditional cookers. Virtually all you need is a sponge or a damp cotton cloth. Just wipe the inside of the microwave and get ready. And if you want to get rid of the unpleasant odors of certain types of food, put a few drops of lemon juice in the microwave bowl. Then turn on full power for 5 minutes and the effect will be available.
  • preservation of vitamins and nutrients - another very important advantage of the microwave. The vegetables you prepare in your microwave will be much healthier than those passing through the gas stove. The microwave successfully retains both vitamins and minerals and the nutritional qualities of the product. So the things made with the help of the microwave will be both tasty and useful.
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