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Tooth Extraction Is Necessary In Some Cases

Author: Dental Implants
by Dental Implants
Posted: Feb 09, 2019

Tooth extraction West Chester PA can be defined as the dental procedure that involves the removal of an infected teeth from its socket in the bone. Though your dentist always want to save your tooth from removal, you cannot deny certain circumstances that make extraction of your tooth a necessary procedure. In ancient times, many of the illnesses in human beings were attributed to tooth infections. There was no antibiotics in those days, so tooth extraction was performed for curing the illness.

Different tools have been used during different time periods. Modern tooth extractions are performed by modern forceps by dentists and dental surgeons. Dental extractions vary widely and a range of instruments are being used to facilitate different type of extractions.

Reasons for extracting tooth

It is rare to find a person who has not had his teeth removed at some point of time due to different reasons. Common reasons for tooth removal are tooth breakage and tooth damage due to tooth decay. Most cases of tooth extraction revolve around tooth decay. Dentists try and repair the damaged tooth by various means such as filling, fixing a crown etc. However, there are cases when tooth repair is just not possible as the condition of the tooth worsens to an extent where it has to be extracted from the bone socket. The worsening of tooth damage beyond repair necessitates tooth extraction.

In addition, there are many illnesses and drugs that necessitate tooth extraction because they are responsible for weakening the immune system and cause tooth infection. Some of these drugs are- cancer drugs, dental caries, gum diseases, fractured tooth, orthodontic treatment, radiation treatment and wisdom teeth.

Types of tooth extraction

Though tooth extraction is a procedure of removing infected teeth from its socket, you should also know that tooth extraction is categorized into two types of tooth extraction- simple and surgical tooth extraction. Simple tooth extractions are performed in cases when they are clearly visible in the mouth and can easily be done by general dentists. The dentist involved in tooth extraction injects a local anaesthetic before he extracts the tooth without causing much pain and discomfort to the patient.

On the other hand, surgical tooth extractions are performed in cases when access to the infected tooth is not easy. Such complex cases happen when and if the teeth are broken under the gum line or due to partial eruption of the teeth. Surgeon resorts to cutting and pulling back the gums, hence allowing for easy access removing the bone or a piece of tooth. Surgical tooth extraction West Chester PA are carried out smoothly by a specialist oral surgeon.

Consideration prior to extractions

Prior to tooth extraction, your surgeon will find out about your medical or dental history. He may take X-rays, or prescribe antibiotics if you have infected tooth, weak immune system or medical problems.

Coming to conclusion, any pain or decay in tooth should not be taken lightly. You must visit a licensed and well-established dentist and get your tooth checked to find out the exact cause and remedial action.

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