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Season Care For Tyres

Author: Estella Philips
by Estella Philips
Posted: Feb 10, 2019

Be it summer tyres or winter tyres; Tyres are crucial to stay safe on roads. They are heavily affected by the change in seasons. Taking proper care of your winter tyres/ all season tyres/ summer tyres; in every season helps prolong their life. This further saves your money as you won`t need to replace them too often

Here are a few Season Care Tips to make your tyres stay longer.

Summer Care:

Beyond making your legs stick to your leather seats, extreme heat can equally take a toll on your vehicle too. As the summer approaches you need to keep your summer tyres/all weather tyres in top shape ready to endure the sweltering temperatures. Beat the heat with the following maintenance tips for your tyres:

1. Maintain Correct Tyre Pressure

Tyre Pressure changes with the rise in temperature. Rubber and air expands and contracts depending on the heat. An under-inflated tyre may bulge outward and put pressure on the sidewalls of the summer tyre/all weather tyre that can eventually lead to severe tyre damage. An over-inflated tyre, on the other hand, can cause excessive wear and tear to the treads and in extreme case it can cause the summer tyre/all weather tyre to burst. The key is to monitor tyre pressure (including the spare) regularly. For the most accurate reading, check the pressure when the tyres are cold or have not travelled for more than 3 hours. Inflate the tyres to the recommended settings often found on the driver's door jamb and/or the vehicle owner's manual.

2. Keep A Check on Punctures/Cracks

It is a good idea to inspect your summer tyre/all weather tyre regularly for cracks and punctures to eliminate problems on time and ensure utmost safety. To check tyre wear insert a coin between the treads to check its depth. If one fourth of the coin is not between treads, then it’s time to change rubber or better replace tyres if they seem much worn out.

3. Buy A Good Tyre Gauge

It’s good to keep a Tyre gauge handy so that you can periodically inspect tyre pressure and thus avoid any untoward situation irrespective of the tyre type (summer tyre/all weather tyre)

4. Avoid Overloading the Vehicle

Overloading is not at all advisable for vehicle tyres be it summer tyre/all weather tyre; as it puts lot of weight on tyres making them susceptible to damage. Moreover, during summers it adds to the heat buildup while driving which can cause severe and sudden tyre damage.

5. Keep Tyres Clean

Do not allow dirt and debris to sit on the vehicle tyres for longer as it may lead to permanent damage of the summer tyre/all weather tyre as well as the metal of the vehicle. Regular cleaning will prevent rust and corrosion of summer tyre/all weather tyre. Waxing and buffing the summer tyre/all weather tyre further protects them from UV Light thereby increasing their life span.

6. Tyre Valves

Make sure that summer tyre/all weather tyre valves are in proper shape and the valve cap is fitted appropriately. The valve cap eludes the question of air leakage from the tip of the valve.

7. Spare Tyre

Always keep your spare summer tyre/all weather tyre ready and in shape in case it may be needed, it should be up to the mark.

Follow these tips & thus you and your summer tyre/all weather tyre can stay cool throughout the summer.

Winter Care

Winter Tyres/All weather tyres need extra special care if you are living in a snowy area. Protect your winter tyres/all weather tyres this winter by following these simple tips:

1. Check Pressure Often

The pressure in the winter tyres/all weather tyres can start dropping as it starts freezing outside making them more prone to uneven wear. This can be dangerous as you are more likely to experience a blow out when the winter tyres/all weather tyres are not at the right pressure. Fill it up as soon as pressure goes low and avoid driving on underinflated tyres as the vehicle behavior can get unpredictable.

2. Swap Your Tyres

Better swap your all season tyres/summer tyres/ all weather tyres with winter tyres as these have lighter tread patterns that reduce slipping and some even come with metal fragments that helps provide stronger grip even in poor conditions. Winter tyres are made from different kind of rubber that stays much firm at low temperatures than summer or all-season tyres. As the weather warms up you can switch back to other set. Using winter tyres during winter months also helps prolong the life of both the sets.

3. Examine the Tread

In case you opt not to use winter tyres it is critical to keep an eye on all season tyre/summer tyre treads before the weather gets too cold. Worn out all season tyres/summer tyres are dangerous as may cause your vehicle to skid or slide on the roads. If excessive wear is in the middle, all season tyres/summer tyres may be inflated too much, while wear on the edges will imply that the vehicle is being driven at low pressure.

Just these few steps and you will stay worry free whole winter season.

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