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The two most hazardous Dosh of a horoscope

Author: Pandit Girish
by Pandit Girish
Posted: Feb 11, 2019
kaal sarp

When is an individual under the kaal sarp dosh?

If you are reading this article then you must be interested in astrological services. Whether you are going through emotional or economic turmoil in life, you must always consider proper astrological consultation from any reputable astrologer. In this article you will get to know the 2 most smeared doshas. When the alignment of the seven planets out of the nine planets are in between the malicious planets of Rahu and Ketu (the moon’s north node and the moon’s south node respectively) the individual has the deadliest of all dosh, the kaal sarp dosh in his horoscope. The effect of this dosh is treacherous and unsafe lasting a lifetime.

The Kaal Sarp Dosh Puja is the most instrumental puja one can perform to purify oneself from this perilous Dosh. It is highly recommended to perform this puja during Amavasya and it shall be highly fruitful if the Amavasya is on a Wednesday.

What is pitra dosh?

An individual leaves his earthly abode and enters the ancestral world known as the Pitru Lok. Our ancestors are extremely hungry and thirsty while residing in Pitru Lok. But they cannot eat or drink anything by themselves except during shraadh ceremonies. So it is significantly important that the children perform the shraadh ceremonies diligently with a pious heart. In failing to do so one is summoning the rage of the ancestors resulting in Pitra Dosh. It is the curse of the ancestors which causes immense restlessness in the familial life. The children suffer the most under this dosh. A proper Pitra Dosh Puja relieves the individual of this Dosh. Performing a Tarpandi Shraadh during Ashwin Krishna Paksha alleviates the person of the dosh.

Sunderkand Path- the passage to overcome hurdles

Sunderkand is one of the chapters from Ram-charit-manas. This particular chapter unfolds itself the journey of Hanumanji and the obstacles he had overcome to find Sita. The very first obstacle was to cross the mighty ocean to start his search. Here Sita is the symbolism of devotion. Recitation of the Sunderkand Path is as auspicious as Hanuman Chalisa. The individual overcomes the hurdles and obstacles in life with regular recitation. The individual finds a sense of inner peace within himself.

Dealing with our day to day problems

Bhagwat Katha helps ever individual to deal with the day to day hindrances of life. It is one of the most sacred texts of the Hindus. The individual chanting this regularly liberates the soul from the worldly pleasure and finds peace and solace. The narrator attains moksha and frees himself from the cycle of death and rebirth in this material world. The whole text is primarily devoted to Lord Krishna. It also talks about Bhakti and the different types of Bhakti.

It is not possible for to know the reason behind any unfortunate occurrence or happening in life. Therefore, it becomes all the more significant to seek astrological advice to find a answer to a problem. Astrology may not always be the solution but it can guide you to ensure a firmness in finding a solution.

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