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How to Replace Recruitment Process with Chatbots.

Author: Zee Cox
by Zee Cox
Posted: Feb 14, 2019
recruiting process

How to Replace Recruitment Process with Chatbots.

It is about time to use bots to take care of the tiresome tasks of hiring, and use humans to handle the trickier ones, sounds like a cultural fit. Yes, we are practically in 21st century! Since I am a Virtual Recruiter for years now, sourcing candidates is a nerve-wracking part and finding AI solutions is such a relief. Even though it covers a minute portion of the entire recruiting process. I recently resumed my all-time favorite cox bundles services so I thought I should share my thoughts on chatbots recruiting process and how it should be added into the already existing process. So, here is my take:

Why do I think AI can replace the existing recruiting process?

The reasons that I see are:

i. Conscious or unconscious biases during the recruitment process.

ii. The methods utilized for recruiting are out-of-date.

Most of the candidates do not really hear back from a recruiter after getting an initial screening call. On the contrary, it’s another challenge for companies to connect well with all of their applicants. For a massive level of recruiting, this would need connecting with thousands of applicants, on top of a recruiter’s usual functions and other duties.

The solution that could improve an applicant’s experience without bombing recruiters with extra loads of work can be a part of the AI recruiting technology. In order to assist, we should better understand the benefits and challenges of bringing chatbots in a game to help screen and prequalify the applicants according to the job requisites.

Recruitment Chatbots

Recruitment chatbots is an application designed with an intention to replicate the human conversational skills for the period of the recruiting span. Pretty much similar to the real life personal assistants, recruitment chatbots use AI technology as their natural language processing to comprehend a person’s messages and they know how to respond.

Chatbots can be utilized within several media:

  • email
  • SMS
  • social media profiles
  • messaging apps
  • specific software

Chatbots can copy a human’s conversational skills in the sense that it’s programmed to understand written and spoken language and respond accordingly yet correctly.

Benefits of Using Chat-Bots

Attentiveness in chat-bots is speeding up because of all the benefits they have for both recruiters and applicants.

Benefit # 1: Applicants Are Finding It Easier To Cooperate With Chat-Bots.

Communicating with chat-bots in the course of the recruiting process is being comprised of participants.

Most applicants are very comfortable while interacting with AI and recruitment chat-bots predominantly during the initial stages of the application process.

Today’s applicants are well aware of the recruiting process might not be human-to-human at every point in time, but value the chance to receive information in whatever way they can. A study found that 82% of job seekers believe the standard recruiter’s communication is a perfect blend of innovative technology and personalized human interaction. And by the time this behavior continues to evolve, so will the recruitment chat-bots.

Benefit # 2: Chatbots Can Help Recruiters with Organizational Tasks.

Recruitment chatbots can:

  • Collect information from applicants.
  • Ask screening questions about applicants’ skill set.
  • Rank applicants on metrics such as qualifications.
  • Respond to FAQs about the job and the application process.
  • Schedule an interview with a human recruiter.

All of this information is maintained in real life and at the same time from hundreds to thousands of applicants. By the time, the machine learning module of the chat-bots will begin to detain which metrics it should be looking for based on the data it collects and ranks applicants in regards to that.

Benefit # 3: Chat-Bots Can Help Recruiters Save A Lot of Time.

By regulating a large part of qualifying and scheduling while at the same time keeping applicants tied up, recruitment chat-bots can dramatically lower cost per hire and the overall time consumption for hiring candidates.

It is essential to keep in mind that recruitment chat-bots cannot replace a human mind.

If a recruitment chat-bots can more rapidly screen out uninhibited applicants, recruiters can focus their efforts on what they enjoy doing as an alternative. Creating connections and building relationships with interested applicants after qualifying them.


Challenge 1: Lack of Regularization in How People Text

Because people have different ways of texting, it’s significantly difficult to program a chat-bot to understand each and every variation.

A chat-bot can make the best challenge based on its software design and the information is added from previous connections or turn the conversation over to a human when it gets puzzling.

Challenge 2: Lack of human element in a chat-bot

We all would agree with the fact that chat-bots can seem too robotic and appear emotionless due to lack of personalization. Hence, ultimately this phenomenon has the tendency to leave a poor user experience unless the content is well carved. On the other hand, some argue that we don’t need to create chatbots that can be like a human and should not expect that as well.

Challenge 3: Unidentified response of applicants to a chat-bot

The conventional operations of chat-bots suggest that chat-bots have a great role to play in recruiting. Even though business analysts suggest applicants actually feel positive after interacting with a chat-bots. Some applicants’ reactions largely depend on how well the chat-bot can answer their questions and provide extra information about their job application. Most of the candidates found that satisfactory and an added advantage is that they get instant replies – they do not have to wait for another human to be available.


  • A recruitment chat-bot is a software that uses AI technology to recognize a person’s messages and to identify how to respond.
  • The primary benefits of using a chat-bot consist of mechanizing top-of-funnel recruiting tasks such as interview scheduling to save time in order to hire and improve applicants’ experience on an individual level.
  • The most crucial challenges of using a chat-bot for recruiting pertains the absence of regularization in texting.
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