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Dental Implants versus Bridges - Which Is Best For You?

Author: Content One8
by Content One8
Posted: Feb 16, 2019

Your dentist has probably given you two competitive choices on how to handle that gap in your mouth: dental implants versus bridges. Now you're left to wonder that one is better. Having your original tooth back would be the best, but that is not a choice. Since you'll get to choose between the two, let's try and figure out that one is better. Instead of just giving you a bunch of data and letting you choose, I'm going to write this article in favor of the choice I like. When it comes to dental implants versus bridges, I'll choose implants every time. If you want details about dental implants then visit Dental Implant Surgeon in Bangalore

Let's talk about what is good about bridges before I begin trashing on them. First, they're far less expensive than implants. Usually, dental bridges can price you half as much as implants. This does not mean they're cheap. They’re still going to cost you around a thousand dollars. Another good issue about dental bridges is that the recovery time is short. You will be back to your normal chewing before you know it. Each of these pros makes dental bridges a viable choice for many people. Still, in the match-up of dental implants versus bridges, I say implants win every time.

Now let's refer the positives of dental implants. Implants have longevity on their side. Some people get an implant and it lasts them the remainder of their lives. Now, there are exceptions to the rule. Some implants do go unhealthy. Still, for the most half, an implant can outlast a bridge by quite a bit. Some people like the look of an implant better. I'm one in all those people. An implant feels like a regular tooth. A bridge works more by illusion.

Okay, currently let's talk about the negatives of the bridge. This is where the battle of implants versus bridges takes an enormous turn toward favoring implants. You see, bridges have a lot of negatives against them. First, they ruin the teeth surrounding them. You actually got to shave down the surrounding teeth to place in a bridge. This can cause those teeth going bad and having to be removed. Also, dental bridges aren't a permanent fix. They will break within many years when getting them. Clearly, in the battle of dental implants versus bridges, bridges have a lot of weaknesses.

There are some negatives with implants in the battle of dental implants versus bridges. Implants cost a lot more, and also the recovery time is longer. I believe that they make up for this with their positives. Also, these negatives aren't nearly as bad as bridges. Sadly, I think the only reason that dentists push bridges is so they will be able to get more money out of their patients once the bridges break.

So, this has been the battle of dental implants versus bridges. For me, Dental Implants are the best. You might feel differently. In either case, I hope that this has provided you with enough information to make a good choice regarding which one to get.

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