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Dental bridge v/s dental implant

Author: Dr. Ashish Jain
by Dr. Ashish Jain
Posted: Feb 16, 2019
dental bridge

Both of the techniques like dental bridge and dental implant are equally important and is used to replace the tooth which is decayed due to the habitat of bacteria’s. These techniques are also used to replace the teeth among the old age individuals.

Both of the techniques like the Dental Bridge and Dental implant has its own advantages and disadvantages which are discussed in brief below

What is a Dental bridge

A missing tooth can ruin your smile and can affect your bite causing it difficult for you to chew the food and creating stress on other tooth. A dental bridge, the name itself suggests is a technique offered by the dental surgeon tobridge the gap between the missing teeth. A dental bridge is a non-removal prosthesis and literally helps in bridging the gap between the teeth. Dental bridge is considered to be the best option for tooth replacement, because they are stable, non-removable, and reversible and also helps in providing a pretty pleasing look. There are four types of dental bridges like Traditional dental bridges, Cantilever bridges, Maryland bridges and implant – supported bridges.

Advantages and disadvantages of dental bridge

A Dental bridge is comparatively an easy procedure and is a less expensive technique.Also, it takes very less time to provide an effective solution.

Some of the disadvantages of dental bridge include –

A dental bridge requires composite filing down of the teeth with the support of the next teeth.

Also it’s kind of difficult to floss between the teeth and can be prone to cause decay and periodontal diseases.

Dental implant

A dental implant is a metal or any allopathic material that is used for the replacement of the roots of a tooth. This material is designed in a form which is placed into the bone where there is a missing tooth. This implant can help the bone prevent the future mass of the bone by bonding with it. This is because the implant material used has interfaced with the bone which is categorized as the root of the natural tooth. After this a crown is placed on the top of the root to provide an aesthetic look to the tooth and which also completes the look.

Advantages and disadvantages of the dental implant.
  • A dental implant can provide a natural look.
  • A dental implant is easy to floss and is not prone to infection or decaying.
  • A dental implant also does not need any drilling or filling of the teeth which is present next to it. So, the teeth present next to the implant are also not affected during the implantation procedure.
  • It is also more stable and helps bone to stay in place.

However, a dental implantis comparatively more expensive when compared with a dental bridge and cannot be reversed, also it is a time taking procedure.

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Dr. Ashish is the owner, head dental surgeon and Endodontist at Dental Precision Clinic and Academy. With an experience of 7 Years and over 5000 Rct’s, he is truly a gifted clinician.

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