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Four Best Toddler Shoes

Author: Robert Smith
by Robert Smith
Posted: May 28, 2014
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When looking for toddler shoes, a person has to take a number of factors into account that are not present in infant shoes or the shoes of babies that are not yet waling a great deal. Toddlers are going to be running around and doing a lot more work on their feet than other babies. Since that is the case, it is necessary to take into account things like grip and protection from the environment. Leather soles shoes, for instance, will not be a good choice for toddlers. They provide a lot of protection for the bottom of the feet but they are slippery and can cause a lot of issues and potential injuries if they are used for toddlers who are running around a lot.

The Six Best Toddler Shoes

Here is a list of the six best toddler shoes:

  1. Saucony Baby Jazz H&L Sneaker – Leather shoes with a slightly thick rubber sole. These shoes are great for toddlers who are moving around on their feet a lot. The upper part of the shoes are made of leather and features fabric panels made of nylon. The hook and loop on the upper part of the shoe allows the shoe to be easily taken on and off. The lining is made of fabric and the foot-bed is lightly padded.
  2. New Balance KV990 Hook and Loop Running Shoe – Wide support for the feet along with a lot of cushioning allows this shoe to be the perfect fit for those people who have babies with uniquely shaped feet. These shoes have a rubberized sole that provides good grip and have upper fabric consisting of suede. The cheapest place to get this shoe, by far, is through online retailers. The New Balance name carries a hefty price tag along with it in many cases.
  3. Puma Whirlwind V Sneaker – These shoes feature a rubber sole along with a non-marking outside. There is a sock-liner that is included which is removable if necessary. The upper part is composed of synthetic suede and textile. A dual hook-and-loop structure is used for easy removal. The midsole is cushioned a good deal for foot support.
  4. TOMS Kid's Classic Slip-On Shoe – These shoes are durable and are made of a synthetic material. The rubber sole makes them perfect for walkers and runners. It is usually recommended to buy one size smaller than a toddler needs because these shoes typically stretch a bit after wearing.

When looking for the best toddler shoes, it is important to take into account the changes that a baby is going to be going through with regard to their walking and their needs. They are going to need something with a good rubber sole that will provide grip for them so that they do not fall. Sides and top should be made of a flexible but durable material which will provide flexibility and protection from the environment. It pays to do research and to try a lot of shoes out prior to purchasing, especially for toddlers.

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Author: Robert Smith
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