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Is Homework Of Any Help

Author: Evelyn Dorothy
by Evelyn Dorothy
Posted: May 29, 2014


Homework is an act of revising what is done in school and using it to complete further tasks. It enriches your knowledge and it opens doors to new questions which will make you want to know more.

The question is, how does homework actually help a student?

What are the benefits of doing homework

  • Students learn to manage their time to fit in other activities along with their homework.
  • It helps them review all that is taught in class earlier.
  • It brings about better understanding of the subject.
  • Homework helps them to organize, plan a strategy and work accordingly.
  • It teaches them to work independently and solve problems on their own.
  • It teaches them that they might have to do certain things, even when they don’t want to.
  • The students learn to weigh their options and make priorities, a quality which is much needed later on in life.

Time management

As mentioned above, homework plays a very important role in teaching students time management. When students are given homework regularly, they learn to fit in their homework and also their other activities within a specific time. At first they might have to put in some extra time for their homework and less time for other activities but once they do it regularly, they learn to distribute their time equally to both.

Time management plays a very important role in a student’s life. Students who are on time end up getting good grades and grow up to be very successful in life.

Sense of responsibility

When the teacher gives homework, it comes with a deadline. If the student does not finish it within the deadline, he is punished. This makes the student take responsibility for his actions and he will try to complete it the next time.

This sense of responsibility enables a student to do his part in the educational process.


When a student is doing his homework, he is tackling his problems alone. There is no teacher to guide him, and he has to try on his own to complete the given task with whatever is known. This makes him independent and no matter what mistakes he makes, he learns from them and does better.

An eagerness to learn

Homework enriches one’s understanding of a subject. Whenever a student gains better understanding of a particular topic, he will be eager to know more about it. He will thus start looking for related information elsewhere. This quality of wanting to learn more is inculcated in a student by giving him homework.


On the whole, homework teaches a child important lessons that he will use later on in life. The students learn to concentrate, manage time, spend time alone and set priorities. Homework also teaches students to develop and share ideas with others, solve problems and brings about an eagerness to learn more.

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