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Choosing Floor Tiles

Author: Content One8
by Content One8
Posted: Feb 18, 2019

Choosing floor tiles will seem like a daunting task when you first begin thinking about laying your floor. What size? What type? What quantity to spend?

Let's start with the first question. What size? With larger floor tiles you need a lot less grout which makes the tiles much faster to get and easier to keep clean and maintain. With larger tiles, you also have the benefit of fewer tiles. While this may not save you cash, it will make laying them much less prone to error. Let me explain: you may never lay a tile exactly as it ought to be, you may be a fraction of a millimeter to the left or rotated half a degree, it's hardly noticeable, however, the more tiles you lay, the more these imperfections add up and you may be left with an unpleasant floor.

Despite the benefit of larger tiles, you must make sure that your floor is totally flat before choosing large tiles. Even a small irregularity in the floor can leave corners of larger tiles protruding from the floor. Therefore you know how large your tiles are about to be, If you want more details about tiles then visit Maheshwari Impex they are the best manufacturer of Tiles in Bangalore. Now let's explore the different kinds of tiles available

Made from clay, Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the most popular choice; they come in many different colors, sizes, and shapes. They’re also favored because of their durability and value. Hard glaze finished ceramic tiles are an honest choice if you're tiling a wet area.

Straight from the earth, various kinds of natural stone are used for tiles. The common rock types made into tiles are Granite, Marble, and Slate. These tiles tend to cost a bit more and are heavier than different types of tiles, although, for many, natural stone tiles are the final word in elegance.

If you're trying to find that sparkly ultra clean look then you will be interested in glass tiles. They’re very easy to clean, though as easy as dirt comes off, so do feet after they are wet. If installing these on your bathroom floor invests in some non-slip mats otherwise you might be left with a bump on your head and a broken curtain.

Now, a look at value. This can be probably the most important issue once choosing your tiles. Very few people have the luxury of an unlimited budget; therefore, you ought no doubt to make some compromises once choosing your tiles. As noted above, Ceramic and porcelain tiles are the foremost value effective tiles, offered in hundreds, if not thousands of designs, colors, and shapes.

Glass tiles are slightly more expensive than Ceramic and porcelain tiles, although some are also willing to pay more for the result. Prices vary drastically; therefore, speak to your local tile retailer.

At the highest end of the price, the scale is natural stone tiles. Besides the high price of buying and laying these tiles, you must also expect to pay a bit on maintaining them if you wish to keep them trying their best. It’s always worth a bit of bartering once buying your tiles, often, you may realize that the listed value isn't the best that the outlet will do.

Many stores sell off the end of line tiles for much cheaper than the listed price. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with these ends of line tiles and you'll save a packet.

Maheshwari Impex provides complete installation services for tile flooring, kitchen & bathroom tile installation. Here you will find everything you need to know about Tiles and natural stone flooring as well as a great selection of every kind and color. They are the best manufacturer of Marble in Bangalore.

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