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Crystal chandeliers of different shapes, sizes and designs

Author: Erika Johnson
by Erika Johnson
Posted: May 30, 2014

Crystal chandeliers are the most beautiful light fixtures available for homes and businesses. It could be a customized light or a unique design. And also it could be a massive piece or a small one.

There was a time; light fixtures are made exclusively for rich and affluent customers that include kings, members of royal families and their ministers and heads of small units. And this is evident from the way these lights were designed. A look at Baroque and Empire designs is enough to understand that they were designed for wealthy and mighty customers.

Today light fixtures are made for everyone and this is evident from the wide range of designs available. There are many designs and each design fulfills a specific need. Only the designs have changed and the way light fixtures are designed remained the same. They are still designed with hands. Crystal chandeliers are made by craftsmen that work with high temperature glass furnaces to make unique designs.

It takes an artisan several days to complete a design as he has to work on prisms and then choose the immaculate pieces from the finished prisms for his design. Making prisms is the most difficult part of making of light fixture as it involves melting glass bars in glass furnace and then molding the milted bars into different sizes. It is quite a job as the artisan remains unsure about the quality of finish of the prisms until the job is completed.

There was a time, when designers had to try hard to get ideas but today there is no dearth of ideas. Today’s artisans redesign classic pieces to fit into modern homes. And also they take ideas from modern lifestyle and architecture. They are free to experiment with designs and the customers want the designer to try new ideas.

Custom fit crystal chandeliers are good examples of light fixtures made to suit individual needs. If there is a need, an artisan would be happy to work on the specific design. It provides him an opportunity to show his skills and also he is rewarded for his job.

Not everyone could buy customized crystal chandeliers and for this reason artisans keep producing different designs to suit individual needs. A custom fit design could be expensive hence unsuitable for an average buyer. But a business like a hotel could pay right price of a customized design.

Crystal chandeliers you see in hotels are customized to suit their needs. These light fixtures are made after understanding and studying individual needs. A hotel approaches an experienced artisan and assigns hires him for making a light fixture. The artisan studies the interior design of the hotel and makes a matching light for its needs.

Erika Johnson, a writer of Sweden features great knowledge of all types of lighting chandelier. She has written about different kind of lighting and Custom fit crystal chandeliers lighting and you just have to pick the best one as per your requirements in Sweden.

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Erika Johnson is a traditional chandeliers manufacturer.

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