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Role of Coaching to Succeed in IAS Exam – Part 1

Author: Als Ias
by Als Ias
Posted: Feb 19, 2019
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Why coaching is necessary?

Coaching is all about imparting the right knowledge, skills, and training to excel in a specific field. Coaching can be for sports, studies, music, singing, dancing, acting, and other fields. What makes it significant is its need in our life.

If we only consider the educational aspect of our life, we all at some point of our life, have opted for coaching. The different levels where we needed coaching to excel in our exams are schools, colleges, universities, or any specialization; as a student. The sole purpose of opting for coaching was to get the best knowledge, learn faster, develop required skills, and score good grades in exam.

Highlights – Need for Coaching:

Getting right knowledge

Harnessing specific skillset

Training to Excel

Learn Fast

Score Good

Why is it considered with so much scrutiny or kept under wraps when it comes to competitive exams?

Remember, competitive exams are no different, than your exams in educational life. The only difference is in educational life your exams were held to give your merits, certificates and promote you to next level; in competitive exams if you qualify you get the deserving job or position.

So, it is all the same with educational exams and competitive exams. Just the rewards are different.

That is why you should not fear to opt for coaching to deal with exams like ‘UPSC and other competitive exams’. The Best IAS Coaching in Chandigarh thinks the best way to excel in ‘UPSC IAS Exam’ is to get the right guidance, right mentoring and right study materials.

Is ‘IAS Coaching’ the latest trend?

This is a very significant question. It is observed that no one likes to divulge the fact that they are going for coaching. Yet, everyone considers it relevant. This trend is magnifying manifold as a result of high competition, high number of applicants, and continuous updating of syllabus.

One can well imagine the ratio where for just 1000 seats approx. 1 million applicants are appearing the exam.The ratio for such equation is for every 1 seat 1000 people are competing. Thus, here there is a requirement of best coaching, focused training, and in–depth learning to beat 999 applicants and claim your position.

Therefore, the trend for coaching institute is not just a vague; but it is the need of the hour.

Citing an example of 2018:

The total number of seats available for ‘IAS’ in the year 2018 was just 780. The current government has lowered total number of seats continuously in last few years. In the year 2014, from 1340 seats, it lowered to 780 in 2018.

Thus, there is a shortfall of availability of seats for becoming an ‘IAS Officer’. The government is hiring less numbers to run the bureaucracy; rather focusing on digitalization. Therefore, the competition is increasing rapidly.

Further, the number of applicants for 2018 was record breaking with 13.5 lac forms being submitted for ‘UPSC Entrance Exam’. So, in the year 2018 to claim one seat you were to compete with 1750 applicants.

So, the game is really tough; and there is a need of guide.

Does ‘IAS Coaching’ helps?

ALS IAS Coaching Institute, based in Delhi, has excelled in results for ‘IAS aspirants’ by its way of teaching.

ALS is known for its innovative approach right from its initial years. Finally, it revealed why it always succeed, and why it is part of 2500+ IAS success stories; and how it transformed the life of 50000+ students it trained for ‘IAS Exam’ and other competitive exams.


ALS IAS Coaching Institute has developed its innovative teaching methodology for ‘IAS aspirants’.

The innovative method is called ‘Unique Learning Approach’. It also goes by the abbreviation ‘ULA’.

Under the ULA, there are 6 steps of learning. 1. Workshops

  1. Coaching Programs for UPSC IAS Exam
  2. Self – Study
  3. Self – Evaluation
  4. Rigorous Class Test (UPSC Pattern and 100% UPSC Syllabus Covered)
  5. Focus on Answer Writing Session (Emphasizing on ‘MAINS’ Answer Writing)

Thus, these 6 steps ensure that you are prepared completely for your ‘IAS Entrance Exam’. In next part we will learn more about the need for preparation, and how the coaching institute helps in preparation.

About the Author

ALS is one of the Best IAS, UPSC and Civil Services coaching Institute in Delhi. Best IAS mentors are taking classes and providing best study materials and notes to students.

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