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Reasons to install LED tube and ceiling lights

Author: Megha Sharma
by Megha Sharma
Posted: Feb 21, 2019

When it comes to selecting the best lighting solution for your home, you might get confused by the plenty of options available at your disposal. Choosing between the energy-efficient and traditional lighting is not at all easy. While LED tube light and other fixtures might cost you more than traditional methods, the cost should not be the only factor to make the decision. Here are a few benefits of using LED lights in your home over traditional lighting. Reading further will help you understand and determine that LED lights are an energy-efficient lighting solution that best suits your needs.

LED lights are more durable

Durability is one factor that makes LED lighting the most sought after options among people these days. LED lights and other fixtures made from a rugged housing that allows it to withstand most shocks, impacts, and vibrations. This allows and makes it easy to install these lights in more locations making them an ideal choice for outdoor lighting situations while traditional lighting can suffer damage caused by the elements.

It generates less heat

Unlike traditional lighting methods, and also the energy-efficient CFL bulbs, LED ceiling lights and other fixtures generate much less heat. Traditional lights waste up to 90 percent of the energy they consume as heat, and energy-efficient CFLs waste nearly 80 percent of the energy as heat. Irrespective of how long an LED light is left on for, it will remain cool to the touch.

It lasts longer than traditional lighting

With traditional bulbs and tube lights, you might find yourself changing lights quite often than you would with an energy efficient LED Tube light. Traditional bulbs contain a filament that can fail at any time. LED lights are a type of solid-state lighting designed to last for a minimum of 50, 000 hours or more depending on the company manufacturing it. In simple words, you can leave an LED light 24/7 for at least four-five years before the light reaches the end of life span. A longer life span means you have to replace the lighting less, eliminating the added cost needed to buy replacement bulbs for the traditional lights that had failed unexpectedly.

Safe for the environment

We all know that CFLs are the first energy-efficient lighting options released in the market. however, these can be toxic because of the mercury that these lights create. When these lights expire, you cannot simply throw them in the trash because of their mercury content. Instead, you might have to look for a location that specializes in the disposable of these toxic substances. Contrary to traditional and CFL lights are LED lighting solutions that are free from all types of toxic substances that make them much safer for the environment.

It consumes less energy than traditional methods

Installation of LED bulbs goes a long way in helping you save money on electricity bills. Unlike traditional lighting fixtures that waste most of the energy they use creating heat, LEDs use 80 percent of the energy they take into generate light whereas only 20 percent of that energy wasted with the generation of heat. This means that energy-efficient LED lighting options to use much less energy to light your home, resulting in the reduction of overall cost of the electric bill with each traditional bulb you swap out.

Installation of LED lights can help you a lot in making the environment safe and save money too. Whether you are planning to swap one or all lights in your home, energy-efficient LED lights are the best option to consider.
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