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5 Benefits of the Panasonic Door Phone

Author: Amol Ghodke
by Amol Ghodke
Posted: Feb 21, 2019

In today’s era where uncertainty and danger come unalarmed, let’s highlight some of the extended advantages of the Panasonic door phone below:

Video door phones have become an essential part of security in society. It is mostly installed inside and outside the residential apartments due to various security reasons. Most of the visual door phones come with alarm systems to alert the security guards while there is an emergency. These door phone intercom systems have various functions, and the bar code systems welcome more than one person.

With the rapid advancement in network technology and video monitoring market, the doorbell intercom has revolutionized. Earlier, the door phone had only the voice intercom system, but today it comes with a video facility. The colour visuals are again one of the advancement in the door phone technology — a secured home what everyone wishes for or look up to. There is no hesitation in saying that we live in an uncertain society where anything can happen unalarmed. The security of our residence and the loved ones are mostly our priority. Hiring security guards is a conventional method which not always turns out beneficial. This modern technology of video door phone is the best substitute for the traditional method. The video door phone works as the best watchdog that provides consistent vigil and proves itself as a great device. This device is highly economical and reliable, unlike traditional methods.

Following are some of its benefits:Communicate with your visitor: The best thing about this device is that it helps you to communicate with your visitor without you having to open the door. The inbuilt speaker of the invention helps to pass the voice clear and non-disruptive to endure the proper identification and authentication of the visitor. It ensures proper two-way communication for selective access to the house.

Enhanced Security: This system is a great security provider for homeowners. It gives you complete access to home security through its tool for the senior citizen, women, and children. In the worst case scenario, if you detect an intruder, you can raise the alarm and inform the security people for protection. The homeowners can now say no to the salesmen without even opening the door.

Enhanced security features for all-around protection: One of the improved features of this technology is that it allows us to identify a visitor at night. It gives a clear picture of the person outside even at dim lights. This technology is capable of working in almost all weather conditions which means it works in rain, fog or even storm. The device is generally covered with a transparent plastic film so that the intruders are not able to cause damage to the system or forced entry. Easy Installation: The system doesn’t come with many changes in the existing construction procedure, and hence it is easier for anyone to get it installed. This system is designed elegantly to enhance the modern looks of the house.

Records even when you are not at home: In this era, almost everyone is working which means that the house remains vacant during the day. This security device starts the moment someone rings the doorbell, and it takes the image of the visitor and records it in its system. This helps to keep a check on the visitors who visit us when the whole family is not at home. In the case of fraud or theft, the recorded image of the culprit helps us to recognize the person in real time.

The door phones are no more a luxury but a necessity in this era where uncertainty might happen at any time. It works as a great device to maintain security in the societies as well as in the colonies. All admire its advantages and benefits.

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