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Permanent Eyeliner in NJ: A Beginner’s Guide

Author: Dean Martin
by Dean Martin
Posted: Feb 21, 2019

Permanent eyeliner is a cosmetic procedure that simulates the looks of eyeliner and gives you perfect cat eyes. Permanent eyeliner in NJ has gained a lot of popularity in the recent few years. What makes this procedure so popular are its permanent results.

But there are many women in NJ who do not know much about this cosmetic procedure. Some think of it as similar to a permanent tattoo, and some think it is an invasive treatment like microblading. But in reality, it is different from both of these cosmetic procedures. To avoid all confusions, today in this post we will look at the few basic things about this cosmetic procedure.

What exactly is permanent eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner is a permanent makeup that mimics the looks of just-applied eyeliner. It is a form of tattooing but not a permanent tattoo. There is a huge difference between a permanent tattoo and permanent eyeliner. It is actually a semi-permanent art of tattooing. Permanent eyeliner usually fades away after 4-5 years whereas permanent tattoo lasts forever.

How permanent eyeliner is applied?

The process is similar to getting a tattoo but less invasive than a permanent tattoo. The pigment is deposited only into the first layer of the skin. In this procedure, first of all, your makeup artist will prepare your eyelids. Your artist will carefully clean the eyes, and by using cotton, applies the numbing cream to your lash line. Numbing will take place in a few minutes.

After that, your makeup artist injects the pigment into the dermis using super fine, sterilized needles. Your makeup artist uses the magnifying glass to add the pigment into the skin properly and achieve the desired eye look. After getting permanent eyeliner, your makeup artist will call you for a touchup season after 4 to 10 weeks of the treatment to achieve the final look.

How long the results will last?

Results of permanent eyeliner last for 4 to 5 years. However, results may vary from individual to individual depending on the skin type and how skin reacts to the ink.

How much permanent eyeliner in NJ costs?

Permanent eyeliner in NJ will cost you anywhere around $200 to $800. But it is worth investing as it will give you the desired eye look for five years and end the daily struggle of making up your eyes.

Is there any side effects?

In some cases, there might be minor side effects such as swelling or redness in the surrounding tissues which usually disappear within two to three days following the treatment. To prevent infections applies an antibiotic ointment. Use a cold compress to reduce swelling and redness. Experts also suggest that you should not take any anti-inflammatory or blood-thinning medicine one week before and after permanent eyeliner in NJ.

So these are the things you need to know about permanent eyeliner.

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