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Bent Manhood Disaster - Peyronie’s Disease Nearly Ruined This Man’s Life

Author: John Dugan
by John Dugan
Posted: May 31, 2014

Doctors and patients don't always agree when it comes to a curved or bent manhood. Many doctors say that the condition is mild and that proper treatment can make things better. Men, on the other hand, think of Peyronie’s disease with horror, and often, they are convinced that they will never get better.

When men who begin to develop a bend or curvature in the male organ turn to the Internet, they may run into articles written by doctors about male organ care steps that can help. It can be more satisfying, though, to hear from men who have actually lived through the ordeal and come back to tell about it. Here is one man’s story.

Bending and Dysfunction

When asked to describe how the condition really feels, this man uses words like "horrible," "painful" and "scary." To him, the problem wasn’t a minor issue - in fact, it seemed to take over his entire life.

"When my male organ was soft, it seemed totally normal," he says. "But when I got hard, it seemed like I had some kind of hinge in the middle of my male organ. Part of it pointed out, but the middle and the tip pointed at the floor. And the skin felt like it was pulling in the wrong direction, so it really hurt."

Needless to say, this problem had a deep impact on this man's sensual life. He had difficulty staying firm, because the pain took his breath away, and if he could overlook the pain, he couldn't keep things in the right place.

"Entering a woman was basically impossible, because I was working with something that wasn't straight," he says. "I could sometimes make it work if my partner was patient, but as soon as I started thrusting or anything, it would pop right out."

The Mental Health Impact

The man wasn't in a serious, committed relationship when this problem started, so he didn't have an understanding partner who knew what he was like when he was well. Since his tool didn't work all that well, not to mention how odd it looked, he was too nervous to show his body to a new partner.

"I had no idea what someone would say when they took a gander at this big bend in my dick," he says. "I knew it wasn't really normal, and I was so embarrassed about how bad it looked. I stopped seeing anyone at all, because I couldn't stand the idea of letting someone see my male organ. And if I did let them see it, I knew it wouldn't work anyway."

This issue weighed heavily on his mind, and he began to exhibit symptoms of depression, drinking too much, sleeping too much, and no longer spending time with friends and family. At one point, he admits that he even thought about ending his own life.

"That's when I knew things had spun out of control," he says. "I am normally a pretty happy guy who can roll with the punches. When I started thinking about death, I knew I had to do something."

The Path to Healing

Conservative therapies involving medications, vitamin supplements and injections are often the proper course of treatment for men with this condition, and a urologist can often deliver relief using these methods alone. However, there are some men who do need surgery in order to get back in the swing of things. In this patient’s case, a regimen of vitamins and injections helped to correct the issue without further damage to his male organ.

At-home care can also be vital for men who have a mild bend that's just beginning. These men may not have Peyronie’s disease, per se, but they may be doing daily damage to the male organ that could transition to that disorder in time. A male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) could provide some protection. Quality products that target the male tissue can keep skin soft and pliant, so it can withstand the rigors of coupling without developing scar tissue that cannot stretch as needed, creating bends in the firm manhood. With regular use, a story of misery might not be part of a man's history.

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