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Tennessee cost of living - 2019 edition

Author: Betty White
by Betty White
Posted: Feb 23, 2019
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How much a month do you have to make to live comfortably in Nashville or anywhere in TN? And while the cost of living continues to increase according to some stats, what is the actual Tennessee cost of living? If you’ve been here for a few years, you probably noticed it – the cost of living has gone up. But so have in all other places in the US. So let’s see how much it actually costs to live here in 2019.

Tennessee cost of living - Food

First thing when thinking about moving to Tennessee is probably food costs. Some stats show that Tennessee earned a score of 94.4 out of 100. This means that prices are lower than the U.S. average. According to statistics of 800 prices, here are some basic fees. One liter (1 qt.) of whole fat milk is 0.78 USD. A dozen eggs are 2.64 USD and bread (for two) is 2.06 USD. Following that, 1 kg (2 lb.) of tomatoes is 3.92 USD. Half of the kilo (16 oz.) of local cheese is 7 USD. One kilogram (2 lb.) of apples is 3.42 USD and 2 liters of Coca-Cola is 1.73 USD. If you decide to eat outside, basic lunchtime menu (including a drink) in the business district costs you around 15 USD and combo meal in fast food restaurant (Big Mac Meal or similar) is 8 USD.

Tennessee cost of living - Housing

If you’re not sure where to move, there are some main cities in Tennessee that are an obvious choice: Nashville, Memphis, Clarksville or maybe even White House. You should consider your options when moving to White House, TN

  • it’s a great place that offers a friendly, small-town atmosphere. If you’re wondering about the prices, rent in TN is below average according to statistics. Some sites state that monthly rent for 85 m2 (900 Sqft) furnished accommodation in the normal area is around 1,425 USD and in the more expensive area around 1,665 USD for Nashville. As for utilities, they cost approximately 167 USD for 2 people in the 85m2 flat (heating, electricity, gas etc.). Overall, in the whole TN, the monthly rent in studio apartments is around 1.090 USD, 850 USD, for a two-bedroom apartment is 995 USD and for three rooms is 1,180 USD. Need some Wi-Fi in your flat? Rates go around 55 USD for 8 Mbps of the Internet a month.
Tennessee cost of living: Transportation

If you are not renting, you need to know prices for house markets. First, think about important home buying considerations and choose according to your needs. After housing prices, you will surely need to know about transportation prices. If you have your own car, know that 1liter (1/4 gallon) of gas is 0.72 USD. If you prefer to take the bus, a monthly ticket for public transport is 59 USD in Nashville and can be different in other places. As for the taxi ride, the trip on a business day, basic tariff, for 8 km. (5 miles) is 20 USD. If you are thinking of getting a car, know that the price for new Volkswagen Golf 1.4 TSI 150 CV (or equivalent), with no extras is around 23,000 USD.

Tennessee cost of living: Clothes

One thing that comes along with other costs is certainly shopping or, more exactly, clothes prices. Prices in TN are similar to anywhere in the US and you can always get items on sale and in second-hand stores. Still, if you want to know the exact cost, here are some numbers. One pair of jeans (Levis 501 or similar) is 47 USD, summer dress in a High Street Store (Zara, H&M or similar) is 41 USD, pair of sports shoes (Nike, Adidas, or equivalent brands) is 89 USD and pair of men’s leather business shoes is 118 USD.

Tennessee cost of living: Personal and health care

The good news is that in Tennessee, most of the adults older than 19 (83%) have health insurance. The bad news is that 16 % don’t have it because of pricy health care. So, if you’re down with the cold, know that you will give 7 USD for cold medicine for 6 days (Tylenol, Frenadol, Coldrex, or equivalent) or 20 USD for a box of antibiotics (12 doses). If you go to the private doctor, know that short visit up to 15 minutes will cost you 126 USD. Of course, you can always compare Tennessee Medicare Supplemental Insurance plans and rates and see what is the best solution for you. As for the personal care, box of tampons is (32 of Tampax, OB) is 7 USD, deodorant or roll-on (50ml ~ 1.5 oz.) is 4.07 USD while hair shampoo (400 ml ~ 12 oz.) is 6 USD.

Tennessee cost of living: Entertainment

Looking for some fun? There are plenty of things to do in TN! The most popular choice is the hometown of Elvis Presley, Graceland. The least expensive one is 38.75 USD. If you want to go out, a basic dinner for 2 in neighborhood pub is around 39 USD comparing to dinner for 2 at an Italian restaurant in the expat area including appetizers, main course, wine and dessert that will cost you around 83 USD. Tickets for two for the movies are 27 USD comparing to the best available seats in the theater that cost 144 USD for 2. For those looking for a party, a cocktail drink in a downtown club is around 13 USD. If you’re a smoker, that will cost you another 5.23 USD for a package of Marlboro cigarettes.

A healthy lifestyle is your preference? No problem! If you want to go into nature, you can go to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park for free. If you plan to stay for the night, camping is between 14 USD and 23 USD per night.

In the end, we hope you know better what is Tennessee cost of living for 2019. Moving is always a big decision and it's good to have these numbers in mind. Of course, you can always compare them with prices in the place you live in now. In this way, you can see what are you spending now and compare it to prices in TN. It is a big decision, so think carefully. Good luck!

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