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What Was The Resemblance Of The ONL Songs And Other Songs

Author: Mohamed Fareed
by Mohamed Fareed
Posted: Feb 22, 2019
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We have gathered information and reviews that the Orange and Lemon hit is a rip-off from different bands and different songs. A Manila Message review on the controversy was taken by the refusal of band member Clem who said that their classic hit "Pinoy Ako" is different from the songs "Chandelier," a unique song of the UK-based 80's band; is what stirred the controversy. An association which launched the band’s songs said that Orange and Lemon might have been influenced by the new trend band but the former did not copy or replicate their songs. People were thinking maybe someone was trying to take down Orange and Lemon. And besides, they do not know the other bands and the Pinoy Ako TV show that had the same theme song, so people couldn’t really evaluate if Orange and Lemon did duplicate one of The main band’s main songs.

Only after browsing through the internet, people found out the reports on the well-known blog site, and eventually found that, he also had written about the problem. He even got the mp3 information of the two songs in the discussion. After listening to the songs and the MP3 provided, people could make out that the songs were borrowed. Orange and Lemon copied the track of "Chandelier." Why, for an audience, "Pinoy Ako" could even successfully pass as the Tagalog form of original! The songs do not have the same lines, but strangely have almost the same track, except for the refrain aspect.

What Was The Second Rip-Off Of The ONL Band Song?

And the second situation was the latest hit "Stay" of the pogi-rock team Cueshe. It was supposedly duplicated from songs of the Australia grunge band. Many people even searched for these international songs in many leading radio station folders. Too bad, people were angered by the copied songs. And oh, their conclusion was: "Leaving You" is indeed a rip-off! "Leaving you" unabashedly duplicated the track of "Garmonbozia." The track of both songs is almost the same, even in the refrain aspect. The track of the two songs is so identical that you would think the two songs are almost the same, but paragraphs of the song

To the conclusion of the entire rip-off game, compared to how the band in consideration scammed "Garmonbozia" and converted it into "Leaving You," you'll only find the likeness between "Stay" and "The Biggest View" on the refrain aspect, where the track in both are the same. But, "The Biggest View" is edgier and more personal and more complicated in instrument licks and drum surpasses in contrast to "Stay," aside from the proven reality that Silverchair's Daniel Johns has a much broader vocal variety than the two pretty vocalists of Cueshe. So, people on the blog and the fans of the ONL and other bands don't think "Stay" is a rip-off from "The Biggest Perspective." This is where the fans can agree to the discussion that maybe Cueshe is "inspired" by Silverchair. Orange and Lemon might have been influenced by the new trend band but the former did not copy or replicate their songs.

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