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10 Common Mistakes Done While Caring For Your Guinea Pig

Author: Guinea Pig
by Guinea Pig
Posted: Feb 28, 2019
guinea pig

Guinea pigs generally originated from Peru and Bolivia, they are awesome pets - cute, social, yet cheaper and comparatively smooth to take care of. However, maximum newbie guinea pig proprietors don't know a great deal approximately the animals. In truth, guinea pigs, like other small rodents, are instead sensitive and contamination gotten smaller as an instance by using a chilly draft may be fatal for them within a completely quick period of time.

The maximum & not unusual errors made by inexperienced guinea pig owners consist of the following:

  1. Wrong placement of cage: Each too hot or too cold temperatures are bad for guinea pigs. They are able to get heatstroke at temperatures of above 90F (30C), and can also freeze at temperatures underneath 70F (10C). Drafts are to be averted as well because they are able to get pneumonia.
  2. Mistakes while managing: The appropriate manner to pick up and hold a guinea pig is by means of placing one hand below the frame, with the thumb around a front leg, and supporting the load with the second one hand beneath the hindquarters. A guinea pig needs to by no means be pulled with the aid of the furor by way of a leg.
  3. Not clipping nails: This need to be carried out often in a month, since the nails grow and get within the manner of the guinea pig. If extended nail breaks, it is able to cause infections and abscesses.
  4. The usage of a cord mesh bottom cage: This isn't an excellent concept with guinea pigs, due to the fact that their small feet slip thru the mesh and get angry by means of the metal, causing foot sores and an illness referred to as bumblefoot. A stable floor cage with gentle bedding like pelleted paper is much higher.
  5. Placing a boar and a sow together without being prepared for the outcomes: A bunch of little guinea pigs. Guinea pig breeders are in popular now not encouraged in case you are not absolutely aware of the results.
  6. Not making the residence guinea-pig-evidence: There is a various hazard in a typical household for a guinea pig on the loose. The most apparent ones consist of anything that moves - be it human beings, doorways, matters that can cave in, or something which could squeeze a guinea pig. Every other one is cables - guinea pigs chunk the whole lot in sight, and electric cables aren't excellent meals! Green plants are some other capacity chance to guinea pig fitness - a number of them (inclusive of focus or azalea) purpose meals poisoning if chewed on.
  7. Not cleaning the cage regularly and regularly enough: Guinea pigs are clean animals and experience miserable in a dirty cage. Terrible hygiene is also frequently the purpose of infections and diverse serious sicknesses. A guinea pig cage ought to be very well cleaned at the least as soon as per week (higher two times), with the whole Bedding renewed. Food bowls and the water tube have to be wiped clean each day.
  8. No longer imparting enough area and exercising: A sight visible very frequently is a guinea pig hunched inside the nook of a small cage, slightly moving from that spot all day. Mixed with unrestricted dry meals get right of entry to, this is a certain way to make a guinea pig obese and therefore drastically reduce its lifespan. For guinea pigs, the same basic precept applies as for human beings - leaner is higher. A healthy guinea Pig has to experience company to the touch, not smooth and wobbly. Techniques to make certain that your guinea pig is in true form and not overweight consist of sufficient space (at least three-4 sq.Toes for a person guinea pig), toys to play with, everyday exploration forays outside of the cage, and restricted food access (as an instance, feeding twice a day).

9. Incorrect bedding: Wooden shavings particularly, despite the fact that very often used, aren't awesome Guinea Pig Bedding. They could cause foot sores, accidents to the cavies' delicate eyes, and wood dust which regularly accompanies shavings causes respiration (lung) problems. A few styles of wood, such as Cedar or redwood, also include oily additives that can also reason allergies and illnesses with guinea pigs.

10. Wrong meals: This might be the most common purpose of ailments and deaths amongst pet guinea pigs. Specifically, feeding a variety of wet vegetables which include lettuce can purpose diarrhea, which may be deadly for a guinea pig within one or two days. Inadequate get entry to water (for example, failure to notice that a gravity water bottle's ball changed into stuck and the guinea pig can't drink enough) ends in dehydration and is likewise pretty dangerous. Supplying water in open bowls rather than a bottle can cause contamination with droppings and bedding fabric and numerous infections as an end result.

By means of keeping off those mistakes, you are in a very good manner toward having a healthful and happy guinea pig with a protracted lifespan.


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