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Five Things You Need To Know When You Started The 'Anthem' Demo

Author: Poppy Quan
by Poppy Quan
Posted: Feb 28, 2019

The cheap anthem key demonstration is back, now with no pre-order or code, because now it is open to everyone. You can make the most of this demo.

1. Some ways to fly longer.

A controversial aspect of the hymn-crossing system is the decision to attach the flies to a fast-fill overheating knife. Especially for low level teams, it is easy for you to fall from the sky.

There are three main options for the four classes to reduce overheating and thus fly longer.

2. Storm and Colossus need dramatic style adjustments

Storm: not only is the sifting ability not defined, but you almost always need to float, since Storm drastically reduces hover damage and when you are on the ground you are toasting. Due to flight time, you can easily make a full encounter and touch the ground for about 2% of the time. Even Storms Air Dash is probably the best dodge in the game. Use it to avoid attacks and fight against enemies.

Colossus: it does not even have a shield in the traditional sense of the word, but your style of play is to use a large set of armor and health resources to destroy objects and collect as much life as possible to regenerate. They will rarely be in the air. Colossus had something unusual in the first demonstration, in which he was too muddy up to your first armor / health component, because this piece seems absolutely absurd, which could actually be a mistake.

3. You can also buy the cosmetics you see.

BioWare was of the opinion that the economy of the game is different from that of the final product. As a result, each cosmetic cost 25 pieces, you start with 500 and probably get a little more if you play the cheap anthem.

So, there really is no reason not to buy all the cosmetics you see in the store because I think you have enough money to buy them all without any problem.

4. Do not miss an amazing number of conversations in Tarsis.

There are not a lot of stories in this demonstration, but I was surprised to see that you could talk to a multitude of people in Tarsis for a while to understand how the dialogue and storytelling works in Anthem.

The icons on the map indicate who is ready for a longer conversation. However, you can also talk to people who sometimes do not have a symbol. And you can talk to people several times after your missions because they have new things to say, a bit like Mass Effect, but with a different presentation.

In most cases, the preparation and adjustment work works perfectly and if you have everything you can, you can browse Tarsis for a while and see what you can learn.

5. There are more free games than it seems.

Free play can be a strange way at first sight because it seems a bit empty, but the more I play it, the more I discover that there is something to do.

You can also do crafts in agriculture and yes, although there are crafts in the demonstration, you have to master the challenges and find material to unlock unusual plans. Once you've done that, you can use Max Power to create some of the best weapons available in the demonstration. So do not miss it.

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