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Practical Skills in Basketball Classes for Kids for Greater Game Confidence

Author: Brett Rainbow
by Brett Rainbow
Posted: Mar 01, 2019
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Most professional athletes agree that finishing a game with confidence requires the right fitness level, skills, and strategy execution. However, one thing all professional coaches and players agree is that players need to exude confidence. In a basketball game, players need to know they will win the game, almost willing the ball into the basket regardless of what’s happening on the court. One of the crucial aspects of basketball training for kids is building their confidence, and here we’ll explore some of the practical skills your child can learn in basketball classes for kids to enjoy greater game confidence.

Being Mentally Focused

Being 100 percent dialed in, and mentally focused is vital for being ready to catch the ball. By the time the end of the game approaches, a slip is more likely to happen as fatigue can set in. Additionally, players can make slips because they either lack confidence or are feeling over confident. For this reason, basketball classes for kids concentrate on developing the mental focus needed to finish a game with just the right amount of confidence.

Strength and Precision

To ensure that passes are easy for other players to catch, your child needs to throw with strength and precision. This will not only provide your child with confidence, but their teammates will feel greater confidence in their passing decisions. Dangerous passes are an easy way to lose confidence that can cost a game.

Control of Nerves

Even professional players have admitted to getting a little jittery before a game, so feeling a little nervous is natural. However, without control of those nerves, players have a tendency to shoot or pass too hard. As the pressure and tempo of the game increases, players need to have control of those nerves to remain calm and mentally disciplined. This will help to stay mentally alert and focus on the outcome of the game.

Focus on a Great Shot

As the excitement of the game swells, there is a temptation to try for any shot, but this can have a massive impact on confidence. Sure your child will feel great if they make that risky shot, but they will also feel terrible if they took a chance on a suspect shot. Basketball training will help your child focus on only taking a great shot, to make those short shots near the basket really count.

Secure the Ball

Finally, getting the ball and securing it is essential for game confidence. Your child will learn to love, want and protect the ball. If they’re on defense, training will teach them to interrupt their opponent and not make anything easy. This will mentally tire the opposition and allow your child to enjoy personal and team confidence as they take care of that ball.

If you’re considering basketball classes for kids, you should speak to us. We offer a wide range of basketball training for kids of all ages and skill levels. You’ll also find the Tomorrows Stars Basketball team happy to answer any queries or questions you may have.

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