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Unconventional Ways to Study for your AMC MCQ Exams

Author: Anna Smith
by Anna Smith
Posted: Mar 02, 2019

Studying for the Australian Medical Council Exams can be very hectic sometimes. Given that the study pattern is very rough & lengthy, students can get bored and tired. Most of the IMGs, preparing for the AMC MCQ Exams are working full time as well, making it even harder for them to take out time for study as well as keeping their health and mind intact.

My main motto for writing this piece is to try and make the student’s life easier for the AMC MCQ Preparation.

Therefore I have brought to you some unconventional ways to study for your Australian Medical Council Exams..

My Notes, My Jam

Aren’t case studies very lengthy?

Re-write them into creative verses. Most students who are into music are usually memorizing their notes in the form of songs.

P.S. Memorizing your notes in songs or against any song will also increase your speed in writing that particular answer.

Explore Your Way

Preparing for the AMC Exam while sitting at the same desk every time can be boring sometimes. It can also affect your focus. Experiment with studying at different places other than your desk or your bed. Go sit in a park, or on a wall. May be near the shore or under the tree.

Nature has its own impact on human productivity!

Post it!

No not literary post your notes to someone.

What we mean here is get your sticky notes to some use.

Write down important points, definitions, or a list of difficult terms & their meanings. Writing down itself enhance the memory & seeing the colorful sticky notes around you will help in the revision & learning process.

Window, Window, on the Wall

Let’s get more creative with writing down the important points.

Grab a dry-erase marker & write down the notes you need to memorize for the AMC MCQ Exam preparation. Or you can test yourself by writing answers for the case studies or solving the AMC MCQs from the workbooks or references. Getting up and walking towards that window itself is a change of routine or sitting position. It will also refresh your mind.

Are you game?

When you study in group, you can turn you revision practice into a game. For example;

  • Who can recall most number of definitions in five minutes?
  • Who can complete an AMC MCQ past-paper in the least possible time?

& many more like these.

Rise & Shine

Wake up early! Like really early.

We are talking about 4 AM early. When you get stuck in a pattern while preparing for your AMC MCQ Exams your brain run low on its productivity. Give it a change by changing your study time to dawn. Now you must be thinking how can students who are sleeping late can wake up this early?

Split your one good night’s sleep into 2-3 naps. Studies have shown that people are more productive & fresh when they split their sleep into 2-3 naps. So, get up early, study, nap, spend the day as per your schedule, take a nap, study & repeat.

Reward yourself

You heard me right! Set objectives for yourself to get done with a particular chapter or the past paper. Regardless of whether it is a break, munch on your favorite snack, certainly remove an opportunity to venture from the notes & books.


Whenever you take breaks, spend some time doing exercise. It not only keeps you fit but it also jogs your memory. Besides if you spend all day stuck to your desk you’ll only get tired of studying and lose your productivity. Get moving and keep your eyes set on your goal, to pass the AMC MCQ Exam.

While some students still want to study through the conventional way for their AMC MCQ Exams. There are some who always try to think outside of the box or search ways to enhance their productivity for the AMC Exam preparation. Whichever works well for you, use that & make the most of your time.

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