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What Are the Advantages of Road Safety Signs

Author: Darren Ho
by Darren Ho
Posted: Mar 02, 2019
road safety

Signage is something we are all exposed to on a daily basis. From billboards to bus stops, there is nowhere that we go where we don’t see a sign in one form or another – whether we notice it or not. However, just as there is a huge range to take in, there are some types that are more important than others.

Road safety signs are used to ensure our safety on the roads. Whether we’re driving ourselves, travelling as a passenger, walking on the footpath, or even working in road construction, they play a critical role in reducing the danger on the roads – and here’s how:

  • Ensures orderly movement of traffic

The main advantage of road safety signs, especially in day to day use, is ensuring orderly movement for traffic. Whether it’s stop signs or giveaway signs, drivers are well aware of what to do in each situation – or they should be – and these signs allow them to determine their role in that particular intersection or roundabout.

With almost 80% of Victoria’s population living within Greater Melbourne, it is critical that there be a system of guidelines for the millions of people commuting each day. As police can’t be in all places at once to direct and enforce the road rules, road signs are in place to aid in creating an orderly traffic flow.

  • Allows pedestrians to cross safely

It isn’t only drivers who need to use our road systems – footpaths frequently run along major and side roads. With these paths come a range of road safety signs, put in place to keep pedestrians safe. For instance, in school zones, where young children can frequently run out on the road when you least expect it, reminder signs and 40km/h speed limits are in place to reduce the risk of a serious accident. The same is true around retirement villages, and other areas were pedestrians congregate en masse. Zebra crossings are another form of road signage, painted straight onto the blacktop to alert drivers to give way to people crossing the roads.

  • Alerts drivers to changing conditions

In a perfect world, our roads would be in tip top condition at all times, and the weather would not affect how we drive at all. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case! As roads across the state need repairs constantly, lanes close and potholes appear, drivers need to slow down and proceed with caution. These changing conditions can also include a bitumen becoming gravel, and water flooding over the road causing drivers to slow considerably – just to name a few!

  • Protects road workers

As we mentioned above, roads and streets need to be repaired – and the people who do so put themselves near dangerous vehicles without protection. Safety signage is a simple way to inform drivers that they need to slow and be aware of people on the streets where there would usually be none. In speeding through a roadworks zone, you are unnecessarily putting construction workers at risk!

As you can see, road safety signs are critical for the safe passage of travellers across the country. Whether they’re going to work or to school, visiting relatives or buying groceries; if they’re leaving the house, then road signs – and the rules and recommendations they convey – are an integral part of keeping all road users safe no matter what their destination. If you’re unsure what different signs and signals mean, visit Vic Roads for more information. If you or your business need to invest in premium safety signage, be sure to use an internationally respected stockist, ensuring your new signs meet Australian standards.

After designing the original guideposts in his garage in 1992, CEO Darren has continued to innovate and create lifesaving road safety solutions for the Australian and International market. All other road safety products are Gridded Lighting, Solar Lighting, Electronic Signs, Traffic Calming, Work Zone Products, Guide Posts, Security Bollards, and Temporary Barriers etc.

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I'm Darren, CEO of Saferoads. With over 25 years’ experience in the public safety industry, Saferoads is committed to offering the very best in lighting and road safety solutions.

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