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What is the real cost of your catered lunch?

Author: Chris Ingallina
by Chris Ingallina
Posted: Mar 03, 2019
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An Ingallina’s Box Lunch Price comparison

Here at Ingallina’s Box Lunch we consider ourselves to be masters of offering high quality food using a simple, no-hidden-fee ordering process. At first glance, other companies might seem to be lower in price, but after add-on items and other fees are added, other box lunches almost always end up being more expensive! We compared our lunches to other caterers to show that our free delivery, low minimums, and inclusive pricing provide our customers with a lunch option that gives the best quality at the best price.

1. Corporate Catering Delivery Fee Comparison

We’ve found that most other caterers add fees to the cost of an order that aren’t mentioned until the order is nearly complete. For example, one caterer charges an $18 delivery fee with each order. This alone can add up to $1 per person to a catering order.

Ingallina’s, on the other hand, has never charged ANY delivery fee and we are proud of it!

2. Boxed Lunch Price Comparison

With our Executive Lunches, we provide a complete box lunch. This includes your choice of entrée, kettle style potato chips (or a roll and butter with salads), an in-house baked cookie, bottled water, and a fresh cut fruit cup. The cost of this complete meal is just $14.45 for our classic sandwiches and wraps, or 14.95 for our classic Salads and Gluten Free options. (We also offer Vegan options in both wraps and salads for no additional charge!)

Let’s compare this to the cost of a nationwide company’s box lunch. Theirs come with the entrée, side (chips, bread or whole apple) and a dessert. The prices for the sandwiches and salads vary between $11.49 and $13.89. Adding a bottled water costs an additional $2.29 and to upgrade your side to a fresh fruit cup will cost an additional $2.19. To get a lunch comparable to our Tomato, Mozzarella & Avocado it would run up to $18.37 without the bag of chips – and this doesn’t even include the delivery fee!

In addition to box lunches, Ingallina’s provides a wider variety of catering options, including 15-20 different types of salad bowls. Our 160 oz Small Green Salad Bowl for 10 people is made with delicious house-made croutons and costs merely $3/person. A comparable item at the other caterer is $5/person and doesn’t include house-made croutons.

3. The hidden value of great customer service from your corporate caterer

At Ingallina’s Box Lunch, we pride ourselves on our top-notch customer service. We work closely with our customers to keep the task of ordering for meetings and corporate events as easy as possible! We know that last minute meetings, order changes, and payment logistics are just a few of the challenges our customers face, and we consider ourselves partners in the challenge! If you are looking to provide catering for an upcoming event, visit us at to find the best quality, best value and best customer service at the best price!

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Author: Chris Ingallina

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