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Landscape Lighting Tips and Tricks

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: Mar 03, 2019
lighting first It is always worth going home to a welcoming yard. If your grounds are attractive during the day, why not extend it until night through landscape lighting? To achieve a remarkable effect, your lights should be well placed. Here are some helpful tips to let you achieve it.

Focus on your general lighting first

Before installing the lighting for your landscape, start with your outdoor lighting first. You can use low voltage systems that you can do without the help of a professional. Install underground wiring at least 6 inches below the ground’s surface to avoid accidental shovelling. Do not put fixtures too close together to prevent overlapping lights on patios and decks. Overlapping, on the other hand, is acceptable on walkways for brighter lights. In this step, give high regard to safety and security at nighttime.

Less is more

Avoid the common mistake of overdoing lighting. Do not put too many fixtures close together. If you put too many lights, you are not highlighting anything. What you can do is make a layer of lights such as installing several spotlights of different angles for a subject you want to illuminate with dramatic effect.

Use pathway lights wisely

Avoid mounting pathway lights in a straight line because this just results in a bland appearance. Path lights guide visitors to the walkway, but make the most of them by highlighting certain features of your garden. Simple lights will do, and choosing the right ones also improves the safety of your home.

Use accent lights for dark corners

Accent lights do not just add beauty; they also keep intruders away because they will be easy to notice. Also, an excellent technique for landscapes is spotlighting to highlight focal points.

Follow special techniques

In landscape lighting, you can do grazing, or placing the light near a surface that creates an amazing effect, such as showing the texture of a tree, wall, wood or attractive door. Shadowing is also wonderful, and you can do it by lighting a subject from the front and bottom to come out with intriguing shadows. You can also try silhouetting by concealing a light below or behind a bush for another marvellous effect. To illuminate wider areas, you can use downlights or floodlights.

Be smart in choosing bulbs

Energy efficiency is essential when talking about lighting because you do not want to spend so much on your electric bill. Stay smart by using LED or solar lamps for cost-efficiency. LED lights are now available in warmer tones, unlike before when they gave off a harsh blue colour. Consider using an E27 LED bulb that works for various applications.

If you already have an existing system, you can just enhance it with new styles, layouts or new landscaping trends. You can find a range of techniques that will surely suit your home. Plan well and imagine how you want your landscape to look at night. Choose high quality fixtures that are durable and energy efficient. Go for a low voltage power supply, which is common for outdoor lighting.

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