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6 Basic Skin Care Products Every Brand Should Have

Author: Harry Patel
by Harry Patel
Posted: Mar 04, 2019
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If you are planning to launch a skincare line, a private label skin care products firm is your best bet. You can use their expertise in production, while ensuring an economical and efficient process. There are a number of private label firms specializing in skincare. However, before you start, you have to decide on the essential elements of your skincare line. Here are six skincare products that every brand should have:

Face wash

You cannot have a skincare line without any good face washes. It is also a sure shot seller because it is one skincare item that everyone will stock. Most brands have multiple types of face washes because these are often customized to different skin types. A face wash for dry skin should hydrate the skin even as it cleanses, while a face wash for an oily skin will trap oil and grime more effectively. Ingredients used in natural face washes include activated charcoal, aloe Vera, rose verbena, and neem tea tree. These natural elements repair the skin without stripping it of moisture and nutrients.


A cleanser is an essential part of any skincare line because it is one of the highest selling products. It is used to remove dirt, grime, and make-up at night. In the morning it is used to wipe off any residual night cream and impurities. There are different types of cleansers — milky, micellar, foaming, or oil. A milky cleanser is most common and can be customized to different skin types. Today many brand also offer wipes that can double up as cleansers. These can be packed in bottles with flip caps for easy use.


Like face wash, this is an essential element in any skin care line. It sells across all markets, no matter the age, income or location. Given the multiple brands in this market, there is also a need for specialization. You can choose from herbal, Ayurvedic or luxury brands. Every private label skin care products firm will have moisturizer in their kitty. For a wider range, you can ask for moisturizers that are customized according to skin type. Heavier moisturizers are used for dry skin or in dry conditions. A non-comedogenic formula is used for skin prone to breakouts.

Coconut oil, olive oil are popularly used in more natural alternatives. Natural moisturizers are popular because they have powerful hydrating, anti-bacterial and anti-allergen properties. These moisturize the skin, hydrating and repairing it from within. Natural products also use natural perfumes from flowers like lavender, rose and jasmine for a pleasant fragrance.

Body butter:

Used most often in the winters, body butters have their own loyal market. They are popular in dry conditions or among people with dry skin. The specialty of body butters lies in their formulation which is thicker — more like a butter — than the usual body lotions. It has a more powerful hydrating effect which makes it more suitable for dry skin. Private label skin care products use ingredients like organ oil, coconut oil, almond oil, and Shea butter for their body butters. Body butters can be packed in bottles, tubes or bottles. For most labels this is a limited, but assured sale.

Anti-ageing products

Many brands today have an entire range of anti-ageing products. These products usually fall in the high-end market and sell well in a specific market. Anti-ageing products include cleansers, moisturizers, body butters, and creams. Conventional products normally just use chemicals in a heavier concentration. Herbal or Ayurvedic products have a clear edge here. This is because natural elements not only hydrate the skin, they also repair the skin from within, keeping it youthful and fresh.

Natural elements fight free radicals that damage our skin. These are the very elements that cause signs of ageing — wrinkles, spots and lines. Coupled with their powerful hydrates and preparing properties, natural anti-ageing products are sure winners in this line.


Used after a face wash and before moisturizing, a toner is part of both beauty care and personal care products. It has cleansing properties that also balances the skin’s pH level. Almost every private label skin care products

firm will have a toner in its catalogue. Natural alternatives often use rose and apple cider for their pleasant, but effective cleansing properties.

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