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Brilliant Ways to Teach Your Audience about SAP HANA

Author: Kritesh Anand
by Kritesh Anand
Posted: Mar 04, 2019
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SAP HANA is the new and advanced ERP Solution from SAP, which is the mixture of Software & Hardware. HANA has fantastic adoption by the SAP buyers.

SAP HANA is the modern, in-memory database, and a platform which can be used on cloud or on-premises. SAP HANA is the combination of software and hardware, which combines various components like SAP HANA Database, SAP HANA Direct Extractor connection, SAP SLT (System Landscape Transformation) Replication server and Sybase replication technology.


SAP HANA Database – SAP HANA Database is the hybrid in-memory database. It is the core of SAP in-memory technology. In SAP HANA, we can divide Database table into two types –

  • Row Store
  • Column Store

SAP HANA Platform – SAP HANA Platform is the development platform with an in-memory data store which enables the customers to examine a large amount of data in real time. SAP HANA Platform operates as the platform of development, which provides infrastructure and tools for building a high-performance application based on SAP HANA Extended Application Services (SAP HANA XS).


HANA was created with real-time processing in mind, making it ideal for any establishment that requires immediate feedback from their data. SAP breaks HANA's applications down in 2 categories: real-time applications and real-time analytics. Its analytics specialties are data warehousing, operational reporting, and predictive/text analysis of big data. For use, HANA is suitable for planning and optimization applications, core process acceleration, and sense and response reporting.

In the nutshell, HANA has the capability to influence anyone who works with data in any form, be it finances, social media, IT, or even project management.


SAP HANA is the next-generation in-memory business platform. It speeds up analytics and application on the single and in-memory platform.

Given below are the some of the reasons why to choose SAP HANA –

  • Real Time – It offers Real-time Reporting and Real-Time Data Provisioning.
  • Speed – SAP HANA offers high speeds processing on large amount of data because of its In-Memory Technology.
  • Any Data/Source- SAP HANA can access different data source including Un-Structured and structured data from SAP or Non-SAP data source.
  • Cloud- SAP HANA application and database can be deployed to the Cloud environment.
  • Simplicity – SAP HANA decrease efforts behind Data Aggregation, ETL process, Indexing and Mapping.
  • Cost – SAP say that SAP HANA Software can decrease the Total IT cost of the enterprise.
  • Choice Option – SAP HANA is supported by different hardware vendor and Software provider, so based on the requirement, the user can choose the best option.


  • SAP HANA Platform Edition – It offers Core database technology. It combines SAP component like SAP HANA Studio, SAP HANA database, and SAP HANA clients. It is for clients who want to use ETL-based replication and already have a license for SAP Business Objects Data Services.
  • SAP HANA Enterprise Edition – It includes data provisioning (SLT, BODS, DXC) component consisting of core database technology. It is for clients who want to use either trigger-based replication or ETL-based replication and do not have the entire required license for SAP Business Objects Data Services.
  • SAP HANA Extended Edition – It consist of data provisioning (Sybase) characteristics more than Platform and Enterprises edition. It is for customers who want to use the full potential of all available replication scenarios including log-based replication.


SAP HANA Course provides you opportunity to learn about the SAP HANA Studio, features, modeling, security essentials, and administration aspects in order to get a complete mastery of this analytical data and transactional data processing tool. This training is usually suitable for:

  • This course should be taken by anyone that wants to expand their knowledge of SAP. SAP Key users, support staff and consultants would really benefit from this course
  • Anyone that wants to upgrade their knowledge to S/4 HANA
  • Anyone that is part of a S/4 HANA project

By enrolling for best sap HANA certification you will learn about following things about SAP HANA:

  • The basic essentials of SAP HANA technology
  • Installation and configuration of SAP HANA
  • HANA client, connectivity and interface
  • Auto documentation in SAP HANA
  • SAP Business Objects analysis
  • User management and storage solutions
  • HANA performance tuning and queries
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