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What are the common tips to keep your case study save from plagiarism?

Author: Elena Smith
by Elena Smith
Posted: Mar 05, 2019
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You have to face different challenges while collecting material for your case study. One of the biggest challengesis to gather the plagiarism freematerial for your work. It is very necessary that the evidential support you provide in your case study must be non-plagiarized. You must check the authenticity and accuracy of your case study before submitting it to the relevant authority. Plagiarism lessens the credibility of your work and makes it incorrect. Academic Writing Pro provides services of compatible and highly skilled writers. They provide non-plagiarize and authentic case studies to their clients. You can submit these case study in first go and can easily score well. To save your case study from plagiarism you need to take following measurements.

Understand and restate the case:

You need to understand the central idea of your case study. You must understand the case by yourself and then restate it in your own words. Restating the idea does not count as plagiarism rather it includes expression of same idea in different words and manners. You should re-state your idea with complete length and width so that it must not create any confusion. You can use different sentence structures and try to come up with different way of putting it from the scratch. Case study writing services provide highly skilled writers that can provide you with excellent work on different case studies. You can restate your idea by;

  • Using different words
  • Using different structures
  • Providing different points
  • Changing the tense

This would help you to avoid plagiarism in your case study and you can confidently present your case to the concerned person.

Correct use of citation:

In-correct use of citation makes your case study incorrect and doubtful. The proper citation is very essential to add credibility to your work.For this purpose you must give a due consideration to the writing style that you are using for your case study. Academic Writing Pro provides compatible and highly professional writers that provide complete case study with proper citation and references. Following elements are required for a proper citation:

  • Proper format
  • Entry of the chapter or book of the case study
  • Year of the book
  • Author or editor of the book or chapter

Case study writing services also provide bulk of case studies to enhance your understanding and knowledge. You can use that material for citation and referencing your case study.

Proper use of quotation:

Inappropriate use of quotation also cause to make your work plagiarized. You must use quotations directly and try to write them in separate paragraphs. You must put the wording of the quotations and saying as same manner to the other place. There should be double colon at the start and end of the quotation. Case study writing services provide you proper case studies with quotation and citations. These quotations add credibility to your work and show your effort and research for your work.You must follow these rules while using a quotation in sentences;

  • Use double quotation marks
  • Capitalize the first letter
  • Use double commas at the start and the end
  • Provide periods and commas inside the quotation

Provide references:

Provide proper references for your work to make it authentic and shows your responsibility to the reader and make your work is also a way to give credit to the other author for their work. it allows your reader to track down all the record that you have used as informational and supportive material in your case study. You can cite these references in your case study by;

  • Providing footnotes
  • Endnotes
  • bibliography

Use plagiarism checker:

you must be able to detect plagiarism in the work you are taking from different sources. Due to immense use of technology and internet it has become very easy to plagiarize work of others. Mostly people do plagiarism in academic writings for academic tasks plagiarism counts as academic dishonesty and lessen the credibility and authenticity of your work. You can check plagiarism by following ways;

  • Copy and paste your work in plagiarism checker

People use to re-phrase and re=write others work and do not count it as plagiarism. But this kind of work is also count as plagiarized work and not acceptable.There are different kinds of plagiarism that you must aware of;

  • Direct plagiarism
  • Self-plagiarism
  • Mosaic plagiarism
  • Accidental plagiarism

Provide enough time to your work:

One of the reasons that make you to include plagiarized work in your case study is shortage of time. You do not start work on time which makes you complete your work in hustle bustle in ending days. That moment you do not have enough time to detect or differentiate between plagiarized and non-plagiarized is not easy to write case study without giving proper time and attention. You demonstrate the real-life of some other person in your case study so, you need proper understanding and complete knowledge before writing on that case. To make your case study appropriate you need to;

  • Make a proper schedule
  • Stick to the schedule
  • Chunk your case study into different sections
  • Take enough time to examine the case
  • Focus and analyze


Revising and rechecking also helps you to make your work non-plagiarized. Students make a common mistake that they work hard to write their case studies but do not proofread it. This can be disastrous sometimes because while writing in a flow you neglect so many things. Revision will help you to wok on your weak areas and can re check the work which seems not authentic to you. By proofread you can also fix your grammatical errors and re-organize the structure of your case study if proofread your work effectively you need to;

  • Revise with fresh mind
  • Take one problem in one time
  • Check twice all the facts and figures
  • Read aloud while re-checking
  • Read slowly and in chunks

Take guidance from teachers:

Teachers are best source for your guidance. They have lots of experience and expertise and can easily detect plagiarize work.You must present your case study in front of your teachers so that they can easily detect the plagiarism in your work. They can also help you to make your work up to the mark and avoid any mistake. Mostly students feel hesitant to go to their teachers and feel shy to ask about anything. They know how to resolve you issues and can help you in an appropriate manner.

Invest yourself in research:

Case study is kind of descriptive writing on some other person’s life. You must take a complete interest and almost invest yourself in resolving that case. This will enhance your confidence and understanding of your case and you can easily detect any plagiarized or irrelevant fact about it.Investing yourself in your case study would help you to provide extra-ordinary research and facts which consequently would lead you to good scoring.

Cite internet sources:

No one can deny the importance of resource material provided on internet about different cases.The internet is one of the major sources to provide useful information efficiently. You cannot avoid the use of internet while collecting information for your case study. There are different kinds of blogs, articles or even case studies that can make your work easy. The only precaution you need to take is choosing non-plagiarized work for your case study. There is a proper way to use citation of internet resources. It includes;

  • Author’s name and initials
  • Title of article
  • Title of journal
  • Page range
  • Day, month and year

Why to avoid plagiarism:

Plagiarism is unethical and counts as academic dishonesty. By pretending others ideas and words as your own you actually use to steal some other’s intellectual property which is a disgrace. It destroy your reputation and even your own work is counted as plagiarized also influences your academic record and can cause a huge academic loss to you. Students usually plagiarize when they do not have proper knowledge and understanding of the subject. They must work on their weak areas so that they can avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism would lead you to;

  • Destroy your academic reputation
  • Destroy your professional reputation
  • Monetary loss
  • Academic loss
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