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What to do when JAVA8 free updates come to an end?

Author: Akhila Priya
by Akhila Priya
Posted: Feb 20, 2020
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Today many people say JAVA is an ocean and does not have an end. To justify the statement this article is an example. Even though we were currently for the official arrival of JAVA 13, JAVA 8 is the most common version in use. This JAVA 8 is opted by many developers today because of its flexibility. This version suits best for developing most of the application today. Azure online training says Even though Java updates continue till 2020, JAVA free updates will stop by February 2018. So in this situation, many people have a doubt of what to do when JAVA free updates come to an end? Here today I came up with an answer for you!!!!!!!

According to the recent reports,sararth Chander JAVA SE product director said in the recent blog post, if you rely on JAVA 8 for games (or) personal banking (or) other individual activities on personal computers and laptops, public updates for Java 8 will remain available at least up to 2020. But the business users were unlucky because the public updates will be turned off this month. And he added the last JAVA update is done on 15th January 2019 and the next updates are going to happen on 16th April 2019. Besides all these, he further added, JAVA SE9 is available for the commercial users. Additionally, it provides the open JDK builds from other providers like Adopt Open JDK, Azul, IBM, Red Hat and many more.

What to do when JAVA8 free updates come to an end?

Moreover, if your application does not require any updates, you can continue to use Oracle JDK 8 indefinitely without any updates. But you if the continuation of JAVA 8 updates, you can get the commercial version from various providers as follows:

Amazon Correto:

In open JDK 8, Amazon correto is a no-cost distribution. Usually, Amazon runs the correto on its own servers. But for the Amazon premium subscribers, the platform with come with the long term support and the others can get it via git hub. Additionally, Amazon provides security fixes and performance enhancements. From the project website, you can easily download the amazon correto and easily install on your local. It supports Windows, Linux, and Mac Os either on-premises (or) on the cloud.

Azul System Zulu Enterprise :

Azuls Zulu enterprise provides commercial support for open JDK builds. This enterprise provides long term support for long term releases of Java 8 and Java 11. It provides 8-year access to bug fixes, security updates, and other fixes. The subscription costs $13200 per year as many as 25 systems, with prices rising for more systems. And you can easily download Zulu easily from the official website.

Red Hat:

Since today, everybody knows, Red hat offers the support for JAVA Linux users, it now started a long term official support on JDK for windows. This subscription offers an enterprise-ready software, product security, and technical support. But till not it has not revealed the windows subscription prices.

IBM runtimes for business :

The IBM runtimes for the business offers commercial support for the open source Java run time environments as well as monitoring and management of Java applications. Java online course says it provides the support for the open JDK 8 community build. With the support available for specific clients and servers, eclipse open J9 JVM runs the JAVA 8.

Oracle Java SE subscription:

It is a monthly subscription program for JAVA SE licensing, This provides 24*7 support for the desktops, servers (or) cloud deployments. Besides JAVS SE 8, this includes commercial license plus technical support for specific clients and servers in the enterprise. Besides, it allows users to upgrade to the later version of JAVA at their own pace. The desktop pricing starts from $30 per year. And the process pricing on cloud (or) servers start around $300 a year.

So likewise various providers were offering the service to upgrade your JAVA system. And the final choice of choosing the system goes to you. You can choose the server as per your requirement as well as your capital. I hope you guys have got enough knowledge on What to do if the JAVA 8 free updates come to an end. More you have once again satisfied with the statement JAVA is an ocean

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