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All about VHS to DVD conversion

Author: Universal Video
by Universal Video
Posted: Mar 09, 2019
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There are many archives, libraries and other institutions that have VHS videotapes in their collection where it is one of the dominant video formats found in those institutions because, during those times, it was an economical and simple method of video recording. But like other magnetic tapes, there are many key challenges which are faced during the preservation of VHS videotapes. It has a considerable amount of finite lifetime before the degradation occurs where its playback technology is also nearing towards its end-of-life. The expertise to repair back the equipment is also disappearing. But in order to make sure that the information recorded on the VHS videotape can be accessible; it must be transferred or migrated to a new form of technology. In this context, there are many options available where one can convert the VHS recording to a digital format where each one of it has its own positive and negative aspects. The method chosen can depend on what is the acceptable quality and what resources and expertise are available to perform the work. The transfer of VHS to DVD is considered to be one set up.

While converting VHS to DVD, the storage media should be taken into account where one should avoid the use of cheap generic DVD-Rs and also other lower stability discs like the erasable DVDs and also the recordable dual discs. It is a notion, in general, that there should be an avoidance of DVD+Rs because these types of discs tend to experience more amounts of compatibility issues with the different drives. Also, if one requires that there should be maximum longevity, then one should use a gold metal layer DVD-RS.

There are many advantages of this type of digitization set-up one

  1. It is only simple and little expertise required on how to use the system
  2. There is minimal knowledge of the equipment required.
  3. A powerful computer to process the video is not at all required
  4. This can be done at a lower cost.

If you want to convert your VHS to DVD and you do not have the expertise then Universal Video Conversions are here to help where they provide proficient services in the conversion of VHS to DVD or to external drive transfer. They also provide other services like Video Transfer of SD CARD, Reel To Reel Audio to CD / External Drive Transfer, etc.

One can turn up their old home movies into long-lasting films through the DVD duplication and also through the film to video transfer services and this can be done by Universal Video Conversions. They are immense pioneers in video recording and transfer industry where they have been providing ample exceptional services within their community for more than 30 years.

They also provide other services like slides, snapshots to DVD, blue ray transfer, film to DVD transfer, etc. If you think that you require services like Video Transfer of SD CARD, Reel To Reel Audio to CD / External Drive Transfer, VHS To DVD / External Drive Transfer, then Video Universal Conversions is your go-to company. Get more info about our services@

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