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How to Make Excellent Quality and Most Astonishing Pie Boxes

Author: Max Leed
by Max Leed
Posted: Mar 14, 2019
pie boxes

Thanks giving and the pie boxes? What's more exciting than eating a pie, which is filled with love and appreciation on Thanksgiving! Giving pie to your loved ones are the yummiest and delicate gift you can present. The prettiest and the decent pie boxes are ones, which you can serve on your dinner tables. Pie boxes are a way to express love and excitement either on the dining tables or during the happiest ceremonies. To cherish and enjoy one can add pie to his life. Pie boxes are exciting enough to amaze you when it is coming towards you.

What Are Pie Boxes?

Pie boxes are a unique and pretty way to shower your love and feelings on your beloved ones. Pie boxes can be made differently. You can go for custom pie boxes as well as made it yourself. Making it in different ways will make you feel relaxed and joyful. You can do whatever you want with your pie boxes. You can paint, draw, print or stain your pie boxes with whatever colors and decorative you want to make them more attractive.

There are many fascinating ways to make or order pie boxes. One must keep this in mind that the quality of the pie boxes matters a lot. There are chances for the leakage of fruit juices and the spoilage of the pie, so to prevent these make sure to make the pie boxes secure and of high-quality packaging.

Types of Pie Boxes

There are several types of pie boxes. The material for the making of the pie boxes totally depends on you. It can be wood, cardboard, paperboard, or anything you think is good enough for your pie boxes. Wooden is more pretty and delicate with the safety of your delicious pies. The cardboard ones are also reliable and attractive for the pie boxes. The shapes and colors depending on the size and variety of your pie including your choice.

Wooden pie boxes can be made from different tools and with different patterns. The detailing in the wooden pie boxes is more attractive and astonishing. The cardboard ones are easy to make, and the prints and drawings can accord to us with just some easy steps.

Cardboard has been in use for the pie boxes from years. The wooden one requires many tasks and tools in a sequence to make it with perfection. It may be a bit costly than the paper and cardboard ones, but it is worth it.

Role of Pie Boxes

The exciting pie boxes are a source of increased sales and the astonishing response of consumers. The pie boxes play a significant role in the protection and easy delivery of your yummy pies. There are several benefits and functions of the pie boxes, which are helpful and useful for the pie makers and the consumers.

Protection of Food: the box of the pie will protect the pie. The pie is spoiled and ruined during transportation easily, but the packaging helps to make it safe. It protects the pie from all the external effects including the temperature, moisture, sunlight and other foreign or dust particles. It protects your pie in every possible way and keeps it safe for the consumers.

Maintenance of the Shape: the shape and texture of the pie sometimes are destroyed during storage and delivery process to prevent your pie from all these destructions. Between this disaster, the shape is badly affected to maintain the shape; the pie box is extremely helpful.

Keeping the Pies Fresh: pie needs to be fresh and tasty for the consumer. The pie box makes it sure to keep them fresh and yummy until it reaches the consumer. The box keeps the moisture and the gases away from your tasty pie.

Ease in the Delivery: the delivery process you can call transportation for the pies is quite hard because of the delicate texture and shape of the pie. The pie also contains some fruit juices, jams and saucy flavors, which are easy to be leaked during transportation. Pie boxes make it easy to deliver the pies without the damage to them and satisfying the consumer.

Brand Promotion: the innovative and exciting pie boxes are a source of promotion of the brand and conveying the information to the customers about the makers. The box helps to reach more consumers hence increasing the value of your pie business.

Ways to Make Fascinating and Innovative Pie Boxes:

  • Use the Cardboard: using cardboard make the pretty every pie box for the love of your life use the lid or simple cardboard to make a box. The lid, the pieces, or the board must be your desired box size accordingly.
  • Measuring and Cutting start measuring the board according to your requirements. Take the measurements properly avoiding mistakes to make an exact box. Now move to the cutting step. Cut carefully along the sides. Cut in the square to make a four-sided open box. Also, cut the board with the same measurement for the top and two strips according to the size of the height of the box.
  • Start Sticking: now stick the two strips on the sides with the hot glue to make a place for the sliding of the top cover.

After the entire process, take the top cover and slide it into the striped sides. The incredible and attractive pie box is ready to serve the delicate and yummy pie.

The box is ready simply, but addition is waiting for you. Add whatever you want. You can add various decoratives.

Some Important Tips

  • You can paint or spray your pie box to make it more adorable. Use of vibrant colors will attract consumers.
  • The additional printing of details and logos make your pie boxes more impressive. Make your details visible enough for the consumers.
  • The idea of the visible front works wonders for increasing sales and attracting consumers as it shows your pie with an eye-catching feature to crave much more.
  • Do not forget to work on your pie also; the taste matters more than the visuals.
  • Consider the measurements before proceeding as too big or too small boxes will upset your consumers.
  • The material of the pie box must be stiff and sturdy enough to hold the weight of your tasteful pie.
  • The quality cutting affects the box making a lot.
  • Never forget the last most important step in the making of a pie box that is finishing the product. Make sure to correctly perform this step as the finishing makes more box look smooth and perfect.
  • The cardboard box will not need such finishing, the proper cutting and sticking will do all the work, but for the wooden one, you need to follow exact instructions to make it exciting and attractive.
  • Do not make it too fancy just put some elegant and decent add ons to amke3 it fascinating.
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