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Is Apple finding it difficult to sustain competitive pressure or something else?

Author: Rosina De Palma
by Rosina De Palma
Posted: Mar 15, 2019
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iPhone considered as a trend that never fades away. Apple was doing pretty well in the mobility world since it’s the inception of the iPhones. The sale of iPhones is always high, and the demand for newer models is always prevalent. iPhone users are always looking for the latest models of the iPhones to upgrade their existing ones. It is like a trend that every user starts following as soon as they start using an iPhone. Thus, most of the times, the market for iPhones is always blooming, irrespective of the high competition. At this time people have started talking about dethroning due to the iPhone's mobile world king. The downfall very influenced by the sale of sinking. Apple stock was reduced by 9% to $143.69, on NASDAQ. It means that the iPhone manufacturers had to bear the loss of something like $450 million in the market value. That’s certainly disappointing!

But, let’s start on a positive note and understand what made iPhone the hero?

Since the time Apple started manufacturing their iPhones, very rapidly they became the market leaders. As, irrespective of the fact that iPhones are pretty expensive, people started loving them, and thus the sales have always been skyrocketing. iPhones not just became a status symbol but even the tech geeks loved iPhones because of their matchless performance. Their superbly classy design beautifully amalgamated with their super powerful hardware to make iPhones truly, the frontrunners. Additionally, the fact that iPhones have relatively lesser failure rates and they were considered more reliable are a few of the other factors that lead to the immense success of the iPhones in the market.

What’s leading the drop in sales of the iPhones?

The sales of iPhones are reducing across the world due to plenty of reasons. First and foremost, the unexpectedly high price, especially of the iPhone X series might be put to blame. As, now, there are plenty of other premium smartphones available in the world which are less expensive than iPhones. However, there is no doubt about the fact that Apple is still the supreme leader and probably the most premium phone for a selected lot of people. But now many people prefer to spend really on the iPhone or not. The price of the new series of iPhone is a lot higher than what people might have expected. Therefore, the interest of people to spend too much of the money on one phone has declined.

The other the reason that might have led to the decline in sales is Apple’s intentional slowdown of the iPhones at the time of launching new products. The reports started coming out in 2017, and it lasted till 2018. Not just the iPhones, even the MacBook Pro started facing overheating and other issues, which Apple had to fix immediately. Also, there have been some legal battles that Apple involves in.

Should Did Apple put the blame on Qualcomm?

During the end of the year, 2018, a court in Munich saw that Apple had encroached on the copyrights on power-saving technology. It did lead to a controversy, which surely turned out to be a bit negative for Apple. This major battle against Qualcomm led to the elimination of iPhone 7 and 8 smartphones from the German stores. Despite being discussions in both the ends, but at the end of the day, it did affect iPhones sales.

Where’s Apple heading now?

There have been various reports stating the fact that iPhones’ sales have declined, and Apple has to do something to keep generating that huge amount of revenue. Thus, the company is now planning to offer subscriptions for stream services to generate more revenue. Though the integrated TV apps in iPhones, iPads and Apple TV, the company might start offering a subscription for networks like Showtime, Starz, CBS, etc. Apple will start demanding some cut from every subscription. We might even see some new shows coming up.

Though, the iPhones’ market has slowed down, but Apple is doing something or the other to match up to its revenue generation. Let’s see how the subscription market welcomes Apple. However, we can still expect Apple to do something about its most loved business, the iPhone App Development; better mobile app development services, less price or anything else. Let’s see how Apple gets back on the forefront.

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