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Finding the Best Time to Meditate

Author: Simon Hopes
by Simon Hopes
Posted: Mar 15, 2019
right time When is the right time to meditate? If you have been doing meditation for quite a while, it does not matter when you meditate. You can do it any time without any problem. However, if meditation is something new to you, it is crucial to select the right time of the day to meditate; otherwise, it will be challenging for you to concentrate even if you try hard. These are the perfect moments for meditation.

As soon as you wake up

When you meditate as soon as you wake up, it becomes a part of your routine. Your mind is still clear at this point. It is easy for you to focus on your breathing and put yourself in a meditative state. As the day progresses, your mind will have lots of unnecessary thoughts that will prevent you from meditating effectively.

Whenever you feel stressed

Meditation is an effective way to deal with stress. Spend a few minutes alone to meditate when things start to overwhelm you. It will allow you to calm yourself, settle your mind and feel relaxed. Another problem when you feel stressed is you could end up doing things you might regret. You will say things you would rather not. As you meditate, you will have the chance to ponder on the possible consequences of your actions and the need to slow down.

During lunch break

If you are a novice in meditation, it might take time before you meditate. Therefore, you need a bit more time, and your lunch break would be perfect. You have a few minutes left after eating to meditate before you head back to work. It is also an ideal way to disrupt your routine. Instead of working all the time, you have something else to do at work. Meditation will also energise you so that you can focus on the job you need to continue doing as you move forward.

At the end of your workday

It is the best time to meditate for most people. When they leave work, they forget everything about work. It is the right time to start meditating since the mind is clear. It helps if you proceed to a meditation class as soon as you finish working and before you head home. When you arrive home, you will face another set of problems. It is better to think about them later after you meditate.

These instances are some of the best moments to meditate, but it is still up to you if you feel comfortable meditating during these times. The one time that you need to avoid is before you hit the bed. You do not want to confuse your body between meditating and sleeping. When it is time to sleep, you need to prepare yourself for that action.

Eventually, you will have your routine each day which involves meditation. You might soon think about how to start a relaxation business. You feel great that you had the chance to learn how to meditate, and it is time for you to teach others how to do it.

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