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Power of Cloud Firewall to secure your web infrastructure

Author: Frah Ansari
by Frah Ansari
Posted: Mar 22, 2019
cloud server

Most of the businesses have adopted cloud hosting in their operations in the past few years. Cloud Server Hosting or on-demand servers are sometimes referred to as a system that uses computer services over the internet. Companies typically spend a very huge amount of money in developing and installing software to improve their operations. It allows your business to have access over the software on the internet as a service.

It is also a very safe way of storing and sharing data. It will obviously not be surprising that technology is evolving too fast in the past few years. The instant growth of technology has really given a lot of alternative solutions for so many enterprises in running and developing their businesses. It has allowed businesses to operate and run applications over the internet by ending up the regularity of storing data files, running software and other applications on a physical box.A few years ago, there was a time when it was really a very big and luxurious task to move on to cloud server and data center solutions because it was really very heavily expensive. But not anymore, nowadays, whether your business is small, medium-sized or large, it’s very easy and secure for you to adopt the cloud server and it’s very cost efficient as well. You will be able to access and share the information securely whenever it would be required for smartphones, tablets, and laptops- and do it from home, conference rooms or even the inside of any domestic or international flights.

Cloud Server features are so many like it is scalable, reliable, cost-efficient, secure and security is the topmost concern of almost all of the entrepreneur today. According to the report of the recent survey, more than 80% of companies have adopted the cloud. So if you are not among them, then you should be. Because moving your business to cloud means leaving behind all of the hassles of traditional infrastructure and on-premise resources.

Adoption of this server is growing really faster than what was expected at the initial stage. As businesses are moving to the cloud as technology, it is making the data access easier, lots of more benefits are there that directly impact the complete growth in terms of profit and productivity. There is not at all any doubt that businesses are getting lots of benefits from cloud computing. Although it offers many benefits to all kind of organization whether it’s small, medium or big enterprise mainly it is more beneficial for the smaller sized business if you want to grow your business to medium and larger sized business. Cloud computing usually looks like the perfect thing that made for smaller and startup companies. It is going to be one of the topmost strategic technology trends for the coming years. Every sector whether its fashion industry, mobile applications or any big enterprise, integrating the cloud technology into their infrastructure, it is really very surprising how many of the businesses still hesitate to adopt the cloud technology. You or your staff can access the service from anywhere any location and at any time to complete the tasks.

These loud technology services typically fall into three major categories that include

  1. PaaS (Platform as a Service)
  2. SaaS (Software as a Service)
  3. IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service).

You can choose any of these services according to the requirements of your business. All of the problems that small businesses were facing have been looked after by cloud technology because it provides you the easy access to all of the advantages of technology with no concern about the usual problems, such as deploying the server, investing, maintaining, building and operating the involved infrastructure.

Hybrid Cloud Server is also very efficient because to establish and run a data center is pretty expensive. You will be responsible to purchase the right equipment and hire the IT professional technical person to install as well as manage the data center. But, when you move your business to the cloud, you only need to pay for those that have been used by you. Earlier, almost all of the entrepreneurs were having the security concern because the data was not that much secure and there were having the fear of hackers, data loss etc. Bu now after moving to the cloud they all are thinking to the data encryption tools, because the data is much safer now, and it ensures that your company is following all of the compliance regulations regarding the safe and secure storage of customer’s sensitive and confidential data. And even anytime of you face any kind of hardware failure on any of your current data storage devices, you better know how difficult and frustrating situation can be at the time of your secure and confidential data loss. Now, because your data is stored in the cloud, you are absolutely free to back up your data whenever it comes to your requirement. From hourly backups to daily backups and from daily backups to half-yearly reviews of data storage to-date, the management of your personal or professional confidential data is completely up to you.

If you want to talk about the one business-oriented advantage that cloud computing has definitely brought, then it is scalability. Easy accessibility is again a topmost major advantage. Doesn’t really matter how do you connect with the internet, you will always use the most cloud-based programs, it allows your employees to accomplish work on their desktop whether in the office, on your laptop at the time of traveling, or on your phone or tablet when you commute anywhere. Not all kind of businesses are able to afford in house technical support because it is pretty expensive. This is something where you no longer have to concern about with cloud-based hosting.

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