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Electronic health records

Author: Janet Peter
by Janet Peter
Posted: Mar 13, 2019
tell them

In addressing the meeting with the nurses, I will begin by describing the advantages that the electronic system will bring after its implementation so as to convince the nurses and encourage adoption. The first quality of innovation according to Rodgers (2003) is the relative advantage. I will talk about the HER’s reduction of costs as the costs of the clerks required to enter record manually and the cost of time that the slow manual process has on health care. I will also talk about the convenience of the patient records and other vital records that the electronic system will avail anywhere and anytime. That would mean the reduction of the movements for the search of the information, something that can risk the lives of patients if the information was of urgent requirement so as to save the life of the patient.

The next quality of innovation that I will address when talking to the nurses is compatibility of the EHR system with the existing values as well as practices. I will speak of the consistent of the new HER system with the values, past experiences and needs of the nurses in case it will have adoption. I will address the HER system’s compatibility with the needs of the nurses such as time saving, reduction of errors in records and efficiency. I will also address the compatibility of the system with such values of the nurses as the better management t of patients’ information, satisfaction and the issue of the flexibility of the technology. I will tell them that the technology is an enhancement and not a hindrance to the nurses’ normal practices (Robinson, 2013).

The third quality factor of the new technology that I will address is the technology’s simplicity and ease of use. I will tell the nurses that learning to use the technology is simple and a one-step process as there are no complications with learning to use the system. I will tell them that even the interface and the word used are familiar to them. I will tell them that the process of recording has very simple guidelines that take place by the system through very easy steps to follow. I will demonstrate to them a simple process that contains some one or two steps to accomplish it. That will make them develop more interests with the system as they will think that if its usage is that simple then it will be better to adopt it.

The fourth quality according to Rodgers that I will address is trialability of the new technology. I will tell them that the experimentation of the system does not entail much. I will tell them that we need only a couple of records to use and then it will show how the rest of the process will take place. I will also address the fifth quality of innovation that is observable results. I will tell them to have a checklist of the advantages I narrated to them earlier and to countercheck after adopting the technology to see if they will have n achievement. I will tell them that they have the authority to oppose it if it does not make those advantages to becoming real after implementation. I will respond to the resistance by giving them specific examples of where the system has an application and how it is achieving great results in those institutions.

Role of nurses as change agents in facilitating the adoption of new technology

Nurses are applying technology in every area of their day-to-day activities in their professions such as the usage of X-rays and other technology that is making work easier for them (Cain & Mittman, 2002). Nurses are also utilizing the opportunities available to pursue medical specializations where they learn the application and use of various technologies in the health care industry. The more the knowledge a nurse has, the more likely the nurse will adopt the technology as earlier as possible. Nurses with more training are likely to be early adopters of technology than those with less training. Many nurses are also eager to learn the new ways of medication o that they can advise patients better (Tiffin, 2012).


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