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Why Use Solar Panel Inverter for Solar Systems? Benefits of Solar Inverter

Author: Alex Pitar
by Alex Pitar
Posted: Mar 16, 2019

If you’re going solar, there are few words that you will have to familiarize with in order to choose the best solar system for your home or business. The first name that comes into the minds of solar buyers is solar panels. Also, when you research about solar or talk about solar with a solar contractor, you will more likely hear about solar panel inverter or solar racking systems.

In this article, we’re going to discuss why you should use solar panel inverter for solar systems and its benefits. Even though most people have an idea about what a solar panel is, most of them don’t know what a solar panel inverter is or its uses and benefits.

Brace yourself as we define what a solar inverter is, its importance in a solar system, and its benefits.

What is a solar inverter?

A solar inverter converts the variable direct current (DC) output of a solar panel into alternating current (AC). The AC electricity then can be fed into your house to run your appliances or for commercial use. If there is electricity that is not used, it is then fed into a home battery storage system or into the grid so that you can get some rebates.

Therefore, the solar panel inverter helps you to go from power generation to actually utilize the electricity generated. In short, the solar converter is the gateway between the solar panels and the home’s appliances. Without an inverter, the power generated from solar has nowhere to go.

The two most common types of solar inverters are the stand-alone inverter and micro-inverters. The stand-alone solar inverter is a single inverter that gathers DC power from batteries that are charged by the solar panels when they are exposed to light. On the other hand, micro-inverters are connected to each panel and convert the DC to AC for every single panel, which makes each one of them be very efficient.

If you want to know which solar inverter is ideal for your solar systems, then contact Fire Mountain Solar. We’ve got the necessary experience and knowledge to help homeowners and businesses-alike to install the best solar system and solar racking systems for their home or business. With more than 18 years of experience installing solar mounting systems and offering solar services, you can trust us to give you the best options that will suit your power usage and budget.

Why are solar panel inverters important in a solar system?

First and foremost, the work of the solar is to convert DC to AC electricity. Just as we’ve discussed above, without a solar inverter, you won’t be able to run your home appliances on solar power. Also, many of the latest solar inverters come with monitoring systems. This implies that if your solar inverter identifies an issue with your solar system, then it will know about it and it can alert you for maintenance.

Additionally, solar inverters help to improve the efficiency of the whole solar system. In most cases, energy is lost when it is transferred from the panels to your home and thus a quality inverter has the ability to minimize the losses and provide more power. In the end, this saves you more money.

What are the benefits of a solar inverter?
  • It converts power from DC to AC for storage or for powering on your home appliances

  • The solar inverters protect the battery from overvoltage and deep discharging

  • It connects the solar panels, batteries, and users

  • They provide protection and safety


Now that you know the importance of using a solar panel inverter in a solar system, it is important that you pick a quality solar panel inverter which will work efficiently and securely. But if you don’t know how to go about it, worry not as Fire Mountain Solar is here to help you all the way through.

Fire Mountain Solar is a solar company located in Mt. Vernon, Washington State. We offer the best solar installation services and equipment. If you’re looking for a quality solar panel inverter for your solar system, we’ll suggest to you the best inverter that will handle the power that your solar system produces.

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