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Email Marketing types and its strategies

Author: AK Digihub
by AK Digihub
Posted: Mar 16, 2019
email marketing Email Marketing types and its strategies

Previously I have discussed what is email marketingand how email marketing works, and today we will understanding about Email Marketing types and its Strategies.

we come to know email marketing as an act of sending informative messages as broadcasts to a potential customer.

It’s an act of building list through various methods like giving free e-book and in return collecting name, email ids.

This helps in developing the conversation between sender and recipient.

Today, I’m going to discuss Email Marketing types and its strategies.

Email Marketing typesLegit Marketing or Opt-in Marketing or Permission Marketing

Any commercial email sent to the people of who have given permission receive an email from the sender.

The recipient has agreed to receive an email from the sender where he/she agreed to receive an email.

Opt-in Marketing is where you actually build your own email list by categorizing and segmenting them based on their Interest.

You provide some value on your blog or website where you display your brand visibility provide something free, maybe E-Book.

Or any other thing and in return asking their name and email.

If you are not building your email list you are not doing email marketing at all.

you are doing il-legit marketing because you are spamming them.

Email Marketing StrategiesNews Letters

Sending the Information related to business maybe with the latest trends, offers, festive wishes to its customers/subscribers on a weekly or monthly basis.

Here you are sending informative messages to your subscribers or who agreed to receive an email from you.

Let look at this above newsletter of Kapsystem which we are sending to the potential customers and educating with all the new features in SMS Panel. Like this, you can also send the newsletter to your subscribers.

Drip Marketing

Drip marketing is a method of sending emails based on the behavior of the recipient.

Suppose you opened the first email, then you will receive the second email.

And if you haven’t opened an email yet then you will get a reminder email.

Basically, you are sending a series of email to the people.

whenever people open up the emails you will give the score to the people.

It is easier to analyze the behavior and maintain the lead score which helps you understand how much the recipients is interested in your content.

You can use drip during automation Let say you are interested in learning digital marketing for free and you will Opt-in to receive the lessons so here you can get series of email with topics of digital marketing on every two days until you covered whole topics.

Here what I’m doing using a drip to Autoresponder which helps me send the email with Personalization. It looks like you are sending the email as a person which is important to build the active email list.

They are much company which provides drip marketing services you can use drip or any other service available in the market.

One-to-one Marketing

In this process sales, people do research on your profile and send a personalized email.

A customer relationship management strategy where a major goal is to develop a healthy relationship and close the deal.

One to One Marketing emphasizes developing a personalized relationship with the customer which helps in improving customer Loyalty.

which led to improving return on investment which every business wants to achieve.

Transactional Marketing

Transactional Marketing is a business Strategy which emphasizes a single transaction (point of Sale). The idea is to maximize efficiency and increase the value of sales from a single customer.

Transactional Marketing is purely product based let say when shop on Flipkart, you are shopping for products.

You don’t know from where they are sending products, there are many companies in the back-end which are sending the products but Flipkart is doing transactional marketing, here you only know you are getting the products from the Flipkart.

Flipkart has many sellers all across the country who are providing their products to warehouses and then you are buying from those warehouses.

Relationship Marketing or Support Marketing

A term itself says the relationship that means building a relationship with a customer. And In Email Marketing, it is a great way to send an acknowledgment after every transaction.

It is basically work in after sales, let say you are purchasing a product from any E-commerce site and when you received the product you actually not satisfied, so you won’t return back the product and follow all the necessary procedure to do that.

You talk to customer support executive and raised the ticket with transactional details. So, every step from buying to returning the product you will receive an acknowledgment mail from the company.

Thank You email will make a customer feel the real value of your business.

Il-legit Marketing or Bulk Emailing

Il-legit Marketing or Bulk Emailing in email marketing is a term where you buy a lot of email database from database provider regardless of their segment, niche, or category.

Here you just purchase the database with their email and name and blast the email for the same.

Here every commercial email sent without permission from the recipient, which exactly opposite of Legit marketing where people Opt-in to receive an email.

If you are sending commercial email without the permission from the recipients it comes under spam.

Let say you are sending an email to a bunch of people who never asked you to send them but you are promoting your latest collections of apparels like jeans and shirts you definitely spamming them.

However, if you are sending an email to your friends, family or colleagues it doesn’t consider as spam.


I hope you have understood the email marketing types and its strategies to consider while considering Developing Email Marketing Campaign.

In the Coming days, I will be discussing setting up an email marketing account and choosing the best platforms for Opt-in Marketing.

Source: Email Marketing types and its strategies

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