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How sales and marketing teams collaborate?

Author: Akhila Priya
by Akhila Priya
Posted: Feb 20, 2020
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Sales and marketing are important factors to build our business. Each team has their own goals and agendas but ultimately have a common goal. many people today think that they were conflicting with each other. But according to the salesforce Online Training survey reported, marketing teams make 90 % of the report. and the sales department ends with a scrap. Recently, I approach one marketing person and asked How sales and marketing teams collaborate. Then the person narrated the answer in the following way:

Two- thirds of the small business surveyed recognized the importance of sales and marketing activities. They further added, through their collaboration, they can able to achieve the business goals. Sales and marketing enable goals were listed as the top success measures. This includes 40 % sales growth and 35 % customer acquisition. Salesforce trying says, even though the lines between sales and marketing were more and more blurred the customer becomes more and more sophisticated. So technology is needed to unify and connect the two functions and to deliver the customer experiences.

The age of the connected customer:

The old way of connecting with customers does not simply do not cut anymore. And further added, we were in an age of connected customers. And the social, mobiles and AI technology revolution. Has dramatically shifted the customer experience. But today customers expect the personalized, connected and cohesive experiences. And further added, 81 % of the marketers expect to be competing completely on the basis of the customer experience. Furthermore, if sales and marketing did not work together, the risk is disjointed

CRM creating connected experiences :

To truly deliver a differentiated customer experience and easily scale your business as you grow you need to have all your business functions including sales and marketing connected around a customer on a single CRM platform. According to the Deloitte report, only 30 % of the small business have CRM software. And those people reported that 94 % have an improvement from their previous systems, 28% earn more revenue. In the year 2017, 59 % of the small business who don’t use existing CRM felt it was, but later in the year 2018, only 39 % said the same.

A good CRM is an engagement system that enables to connect your customers across function to create a personalized connected experience.

Small business is agile and nimble. If you combine the agility and disruptive thinking startup with enterprise-grade technology you are in the powerful position to deliver the connected customer experience and drive the hypergrowth.

Connected technology strategy:

To get succeeded in the age of the connected customer, a small business needs to think of the technology as an integral part of everything they do, both at the strategic and operational level. Moreover, the danger comes when the business does not have a connected technology strategy and ends up with Frankenstein support. And it is impossible to have a single view of the customer. And it is impossible to have a single view of the customer because every function is working in a different application.

How sales and marketing teams collaborate :

The sales and marketing team collaborate with the following tips :

Find the customer sweet spot :

The marketing team looks into the data and leads and find out what kind of people the business should try to appeal. At the same time, the sales team looks through their data and they can see what kind of people are actually purchasing the product you are selling. And combine both together to build their customer sweet spot. So by combing the data from both the teams, you will be able to find the ideal customer. And if you think of it as an overlapping chart, on the left you have who should be selling to and on the right, you have your right customers. And the center is customer sweet spot. And these are the people who were mostly like to buy your product (or) service.

Use sales data to overcome marketing objections:

One tough job of sales and marketing is overcoming customer objections. Usually, while selling a product to the customer, they have an idea regarding the potential customer's objections. And these people make a note of all these objections. Once a note was made, you can easily send to the marketing teams. And the marketing team send solutions to the sales team.

Build a constantly improving cycle :

The sales and marketing teams work is a constantly growing cycle. When the marketing team does well, the sales team also does well. So ultimately the business grows well. One of the best ways to bring these teams together is reminding them that they constantly complement and improve each other.

So likewise using these tips, we can improve the sales and marketing teams. I hope you people have a bit picture regarding the collaboration of sales and marketing teams. For more latest updates and news visit salesforce course

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