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Complete Curtain Choosing Guide Starting From Curtain to Rods

Author: Provincial Fabric House
by Provincial Fabric House
Posted: Mar 22, 2019

The reason for installing curtain may vary from person to person. Some people use the curtain to ensure their privacy whereas some use it for redecorating their room. Many people get confused about what to choose and how. Here’s a complete guide to solve all their queries.

Window styling is the final touch of your house decoration process, be with your choice till the last step. You need to go through a lot of options for choosing curtains and blinds. You need to be determined on your goal and must understand the actual reason behind the decoration process. Follow our guide to come up with the best curtain and blinds that suits the interior of your house.

Purchasing readymade curtains never means compromising on its quality. Various readymade options come out to be more gracious and beautiful. The primary thing to acknowledge is the size of the window where you’ll be hanging the curtain. The reason behind taking this step is readymade curtain comes in standard sizes. If it doesn’t fit your window then you may have to compromise on how it should be hanged. This is for what you must know the size of your window before purchasing a random curtain. We suggest you choose Spotlight curtains if you wish to go with a budget option. We also advise you to buy IKEA which provides you with many offers in their hanging style. West Elm has also a stylish design and comes in various kind of fabrics.


Apart from fabric's decorative role, the main consideration here is pretty simple – is it for privacy or for filtering light?

We all know that curtains are installed for decoration purpose. It is also important to consider whether it is for filtering the light or ensuring privacy. Now you should also be ensured that how much light does your room receives at different times of the day.

Blackout curtain is mostly double-folded that can easily darken a room by filtering its light. You require a sheer curtain fabric along with the privacy it provides. There are many people who want both privacy and good quality fabric in the curtain they use. Online Fabric Store named Provincial Fabric House provides a high and good quality fabric with affordable price.

The purpose behind hanging a curtain is not just the decoration, light blocking or privacy but it is much more than that. A style is also a reason that indicates a homeowner towards the change of his/her window’s curtain. Luxe is the trendiest curtain that is in the news nowadays. Rich velvet thick linens are the most important components rising the sales of curtains made from Luxe. Patterned fabrics are also in style and are chosen by many homeowners. Dual coloured and block colours can also make your curtains stand above all other styles. The fabric of a curtain is just like the paint on your walls. A colour that looks perfect in your drawing room will look different in your bedroom. To select the best curtain, you must take the samples seriously. If you select the curtains after some consultation then the results will be pleasing for you.


How will you hang the curtains on your window? Wooden pelmet at the top of the curtain hiding the rod behind it is no longer in the trend. Rods have again come back in the style. It is suggested to keep the look of the curtain organized because a clumsy look will not attract anyone. You can install small finials at the end of the rods hanging the curtains. You also need to ensure the attachment of the curtain to the rods. You must decide beforehand on how will attach it, with a hook or stitched through the back of the fabric. Both the methods decide the final look of your curtain. Many like to show off their creative rods that looks like the branch of a tree whereas many people hide it. Pelmets are the best thing if you want to hide the curtain hardware behind it.

The benefit of renovating your house is that you can discuss all this and pre-plan everything with your builder. The pre-plan will make the final outcome clean and simple. The last thing to ensure is the length of your curtain. The fabric of the curtain touching the floor will give it a dramatic touch. You can do this in rooms where the ceilings are higher but it won’t look good in smaller places. Many people install the rods higher than the actual height of the window.

If you can’t mount our curtain rods higher because of the small-height ceilings then make sure the curtain touches the ground. This technique will make it look more dramatic and add extra elegance to the styling of your curtain.


Choosing great curtain rods and finals will decide the look of your curtain. No matter which fabric, colour or pattern you select but if you choose the wrong rod or finals then it can mess up the entire look of your curtain. So be careful in choosing the rods. Pelmets are the best ways to hide your curtain rods but you won’t require it if you choose the right curtain rods. It is suggested that you consult the selection of your curtain, rods and finials with a consultant before spending your precious money on it. The final look of your room matters a lot and you must decide everything by keeping it in your mind.

The above-written details will prove out to be much help in your pursuit of finding the best curtain. After all, it is the curtain of your windows that will reflect your personality. Be it for the privacy or filtering the light, you must keep the style and current trends in your mind. The more beautiful your curtain look, the greater elegance it’ll add in the look of your house. Your choice and selection are truly important because it will decide the look of your house.

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