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Igor Mazepa's Concorde Capital Secrets

Author: Alex Wolf
by Alex Wolf
Posted: Mar 18, 2019
igor mazepa

Igor Mazepa, who entered the world of the big game back in the 90s, still remains afloat and confidently bypasses all scandals. Every year, this person, known in Ukraine by the nickname "Vulture", has assets growing, and all his affairs and suspicions cannot be prevented by all his new seizures and machinations.

But Igor Mazepa did not stop and decided to create a new company. Using the fame of Concorde Capital, he launched a financial asset management project. The new company Concorde Asset Management immediately collected about 130 million hryvnias. But after a few months, the project was a failure. Nevertheless, Igor Mazepa continued to hide this and for two years attracted large investors.

The fact that large sums can be "made up" on troubled Eurobonds has long been known to many. But the fact that to become a winner, while the market begins to fall, Igor Mazepa told the world. Of course, up to a certain point, an investment banker was able to conceal and create the image of an honest person from his biography. But no matter how tricky a participant in a political or financial race is, secrets still leak to the masses.

Thus, in 2008, the decline of Igor Mazepa’s reputation began with the elevation of the sign of his company. The attention-grabbing logo of the investment company Concorde Capital, owned by businessman Mazepa, appeared at the height of the crisis at the Parus business center.

Igor Mazepa was not involved in the gangs that at the end of the last millennium were engaged in racketeering and "pushing" of property. But it was he who opened the "return to fashion" of this way of making money. In order to prove his superiority, it seems, to everyone living on the planet, Mazepa did not hesitate to steal from people before, and now he decided to act immorally. But first things first.

Igor Mazepa had a lot of complaints from the administration of the National Securities and Stock Market Commission. But no sanctions pacified the "athlete" who continually violated the principles of the investment funds.

Successful cooperation brought the Kiev company almost $ 50 million. The transactions involved about one hundred million US dollars. As a result, Igor Mazepa received $ 62,000,000. Of these net profits, $ 35,000,000 came out.

Therefore, Igor Mazepa went over to the side of the ruling party. Of course, he did not get into the Poroshenko party, but he found a way to be more secure for himself.

At the Forex market, Igor Mazepa and his investment brainchild of Concorde Capital were going to save the bankrupt Forex Trend broker and its clients. But time has shown that the goal of the entrepreneur was another financial consumption. Having persuaded some investors to continue cooperation and invest money again, after a while Igor Mazepa hands the company over to other hands. And later it becomes known that no one returned the money to deceived people. Customers are still waiting for an answer, but the fate of their deposits is unknown.

It was given that it was given a statement on the 2014 international law. Hands received from Poroshenko.

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