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Improve Your Scores with these 5 Basketball Shooting Tips

Author: Brijesh Kumar
by Brijesh Kumar
Posted: Mar 20, 2019

If you are a decent basketball fan, getting a perfect shot - straight to the rim - would be one of your goals in life. Shooting the rim every time you throw the ball is not possible but with a few tips and tricks, you may achieve your goal. This article will introduce you to the 5 tips to hit the ball right into the rim.

Bonus: These tips also work for online AR Basketball Game which you can play with the help of apps like AR Dunk Basketball game app. So, let’s get started!

5 Tips to Improve your Basketball Score

1. Locate your target before throwing the ball

Young players often make a mistake by throwing their ball before locating the target( the rim, of course). Locating the rim before shooting the ball helps your brain to calculate the distance and angle you must make to hit the hoop correctly. So, let your brain do the calculation by focusing on your target seconds before throwing the ball.

2. Use a colored ball for practice

If you have played online basketball games(like those of AR Dunk Basketball Game App), you might have seen an array of colored balls these apps offer to their users. These options are also available in a physical basketball game. Choosing a bright colored basketball for practice helps you see the rotation and direction of the ball which in return, helps you hit the rim.

3. Don’t think about your shots during the game

One of the mistakes that players make is weaving their next shot during the game. This way, they are actually losing focus on their real-time shot. If you really want to hit that rim, stop thinking about your shots during the game. Keep them safe for later.

4. Eliminate negative shots while playing the game

"I cannot hit the target". "My team is losing score". "We are going to lose the game". These are some of the negative thoughts, that make you a loser much before losing the game. You can never fail if you don’t feel so. In order to give your best, do not let such negative thoughts come into your mind. Do not forget, in games like Basketball, miracles happen even in the last seconds of the game. So, keep your spirits high and give your best.

5. Fix bad habits by spotting and correcting wrong shots

While practicing, always look for the mistakes that made you lose the score. Note such mistakes and work on them so that you don’t repeat them in a real game. Spotting and correcting your wrong shots help you eliminate the bad habits for the coming games.

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