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2020 GMC Acadia First Look

Author: Auto Nexa
by Auto Nexa
Posted: Mar 21, 2019

When GMC designed Acadia a few years ago, it has made a series of improvements in quality, comfort and technology. Unfortunately, the new Acadia has maintained an old six-speed automatic transmission, which has hampered acceleration and fuel economy, and has become standard with an old four-cylinder engine. The Acadia brothers, the Chevrolet Traverse, have been launched with a 9-speed automatic and optional V6 from GMC as a standard engine. In addition to being larger and providing greater interior space, Traverse appeared to be the default choice for three-row GM SUVs.

In the following years, the GMC team devised some of the solutions that will debut for the GMC Acadia Renewable 2020. With a new look and better options for the transmission set, technological updates and even accessories away, Acadia has finally got its own identity.

Playing football

The six-speed automatic transmission does the job, but we love the new nine-speed unit by 2020 GMC Acadia First Look, and there's no denying it offers a fuel economy advantage. While the new Acadia engine is not loaded with 2.5 liter turbocharged (193 hp, 188 lb. of torque), the longest models are now standard with the 2.0-liter turbocharged (230 hp, 258 lb) -ft. This is much more capable. In particular, the powerful V6 engine (310 hp, 271 lbs) remains an option for buyers who want it.

At a glance, it seems that GMC is simply aligning Acadia with Travers, but take a look and you will see that what it has really done is more recognizable.

Identity crisis no more

Traverse only offers its turbocharged engine in the RS version of "Sport", where the engine is tuned to generate more torque than the V6. GMC chose a different application for the engine, placing it in a logical position in the Acadia alignment and achieving a logical breakdown of the compensation level. By 2020, the SLT and Denali models will be standard with a 2.0-liter 4-cylinder with a 230-horsepower turbocharger and a 258-pound torque. This line provides reasonable progress and adds value to buyers at every level of equipment. It also distinguishes Acadia's value display from Traverse, so it looks like a unique product offering.

The most aggressive exterior design only helps on that front. The square headlights and large grid are welcome changes by 2020, making the Acadia look like a GMC truck. We admire the strongest appearance, and are happy to see GMC detail and establish a strong identity.

AT4 ever

Speaking strongly, GMC has added an AT4 car to Acadia 2020. With the extra lining and dark details from the outside, the Acadia AT4 seems to be definitely the part. While the AT4 is intended to be a "off-road" secondary brand from GMC, the Acadia AT4 does not have a unique feature to break the trail. However, come standard with the AWD engine and the V6 engine, and will fall between SLT and Denali Mold of the first level.

This means that you will get more power and AWD for less money than Denali, provided you are willing to give up some additional luxuries from Denali. Add design elements and believe that the AT4 makes it an attractive package.

Updates and updates

In addition to external improvements and powertrain enhancements, Acadia 2020 is getting some new technologies. The 8-inch touchscreen software update lets you save driver preferences in unique profiles. There are also updates to satellite navigation and include two USB-C ports.

Wireless charging is now available, and the standard HD camera has been updated in the top settings for better image quality. GMC also reports a redesigned central console that allows for greater storage space and some suspension problems to improve processing quality.

Price and date of issue

GMC has been smart with Acadia 2020, and we believe buyers will be paying attention, especially with regard to the proposed improved value of SLT. The official MSRP rating is not published, but we do not expect it to deviate significantly from the current pricing structure. The GMC 2020 should affect agents this fall.

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